Believe it . .. or not! - Training / Workshop von Trainer Moritz Ostwald

Become your best-self by knowing what drives you and avoiding negative stress

Der Trainer: Moritz Ostwald

Moritz Ostwald

Meine Leidenschaft gilt der einen Frage: Wie kann ich meinen Kunden helfen, ein noch erfüllteres, glücklicheres und sinnerfüllteres Leben zu leben und ihr "Best-Self" zu werden?


In this very intense full day workshop we will explore 2 of the most important (but often hidden) driving forces of our lives: Our core strenghts and our belief system.

You will find answers to questions such as:

  • What are my personal strenghts?
  • Where do I excel in?
  • Why am I investing so much energy in asking bad questions?
  • What does my friends and network know about my best-self that I don't see?

And with regard to your belief system, you'll learn about:

  • What are my own limiting and empowering beliefs, especially the unconscious ones?
  • Why is it crucial to know my own beliefs?
  • Which are stopping me from reaching my ultimate dreams and goals?
  • What does these limiting beliefs cost me? Who is not in my life because of them?


This workshop is designed to kick-start your efforts of self transformation towards the best-self you know you can be!

The day is packed with excercises you do on your own or in small groups to find insights and Aha-moments which will help you to understand what you really want in life and how to achieve this by trusting your core strenghts and your beliefs.

Or in short: Get on the path from good to great to outstanding!


  • Learn about your real strenghts and how focusing on these will set you free
  • Identify your limiting (subconscious) beliefs and apply strategies to reframe them into positive, constructive energy
  • Find new empowering beliefs and use them to achieve all your important goals
  • Understand the different stress types and how to utilize positive stress
  • Get a huge step closer to a congruent life


This very intense workshop is designed for people, who like to explore their core strenghts and belief system are eager to become their best-self love to gain a much better understanding of who they are and want to align their decisions, habits and actions with their strenths and beliefs

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