Innovation Sprint - Self-paced online program - Webinar von ESMT Berlin - European School of Management and Technology GmbH

How do entrepreneurs make ideas happen?


Creativity is an important element of innovation. However, driving innovation takes more than just generating novel ideas. It requires that they expand their minds and skill sets: They need to learn to start thinking from the perspective of the customer instead of focusing on their products. They need to develop new solutions and business models rather than gradual product improvements. They have to run simple, structured experiments to test mission-critical assumptions instead of perfecting an idea for years in an isolated lab. They must also make decisions based on data rather than biased opinions.In this program, we will not only explore key elements of successful innovation, but also “do” innovation: You will apply the latest thinking and agile principles to test, revise, and refine your ideas. You will also learn how to effectively pitch them and generate support from key stakeholders. 

This is an experiential blended program, with five weeks of guided online learning, in which participants develop their own business ideas in exchange with their peers and faculty, and a two-day on-campus session. The latter will feature guest lectures by successful entrepreneurs and esteemed faculty, and will give participants the opportunity to test and pitch their innovative ideas.

Online: Connect and learn | 22. Mar - 18. Apr 2021 4 weeks, 3-4 hours per week

Online: Connect and learn |  25. Oct - 19. Nov 2021 4 weeks, 3-4 hours per week   Start your online journey with your program director and peer group on our platform the HUB. Through videos, readings, practical exercises and constant feedback, explore the main strategies for creating, rapidly testing and iteratively improving innovative ideas, learn how to understand your customer needs and create scalable business models. Get ready to sell your ideas in the face-to-face phase in Berlin. Hybrid classroom: Improve and practice |  22. - 23. Apr 2021, 2 full days

ESMT Berlin: Improve and practice |  25. - 26. Nov 2021, 2 full days   Join us on campus for an unforgettable two-day Berlin experience. Gain further insights from our renowned faculty and get inspired from invited leading entrepreneurs. Last but not least, learn how to pitch your ideas to successful venture capitalists. Online: Reflect on and give/receive feedback | 26. Apr - 2. May 2021, 1 week, 3-4 hours

Online: Reflect on and give/receive feedback | 6. - 10. Dec 2021, 1 week, 3-4 hours   In this one-week follow-up online phase, you reflect critically on your learning and provide constructive feedback on the performances of your peers. Back in office, review your idea with your team and try to execute it.


Key benefits

How to think and act like an entrepreneur

How to advance new ideas inside and outside of your company

How to turn those ideas into successful businesses



Who should attend the program?

Executives with a background in engineering, business development, strategy, marketing, or sales who are eager to learn how to become entrepreneurs and be able to quickly advance an idea inside a company.


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Berlin, DE
25.10.2021 - 10.12.2021 30 h Jetzt buchen ›

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  • 25.10.2021 - 10.12.2021

    Berlin, DE

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Datum Dauer Preis
Berlin, DE
25.10.2021 - 10.12.2021 30 h Jetzt buchen ›