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Time management is the core of any working methodology as well as of any successful self-management. With simple time management tools, workflows can be significantly improved, tasks can be completed more efficiently and goals can be achieved more quickly.

In this seminar you will deal with your own way of working, habits and methods, get to know different methods of setting priorities and learn how to plan your tasks meaningfully as well as how to approach and communicate them effectively. You will reduce time pressure and stress, be able to organize your daily routines more efficiently and effectively and concentrate on the essentials. This will help you to reach your goal in a more relaxed way. The most significant time management rules will be practiced, with the help of examples, check lists and exercise sheets, whilst simultaneously demonstrating which mistakes are avoidable.

Program content:


What follows is a first impression of the possible content of the program. The curriculum is adjusted to the individual needs of the participants, which are identified beforehand through a need’s analysis.

Analysis of the daily work routine:

  • Daily routine in the office
  • Recognize your own power curve and use it effectively
  • Planning in the office. Critical analysis of the actual and target situation
  • External influences


Task Management:

  • Your own areas of responsibility: Main and subtasks
  • The rhythm of the tasks to be performed
  • Procedures and processes and the linkage to the tasks



  • Recognize and define priorities
  • Priorities, Methods of planning and techniques
  • Recognizing and assigning the conditions
  • Adjusting and synchronizing


Correspondence and Phone calls:

  • Efficient conduct of correspondence
  • Using emails correctly
  • Preparing and conducting telephone calls


Meetings and discussions:

  • The goals and purpose of a meeting
  • Preparation: The essentials


Information and Knowledge Management

  • Information needs
  • Deciding the relevant/irrelevant and important/unimportant
  • Storing and sorting the information




The focuses of the training are specifically orientated around the needs of the participants and include:

  • A critical analysis of the daily working routine
  • Task management: Performing and sorting tasks
  • Recognize and define priorities
  • Self-management instead of time management
  • Basic rules of organization and time management
  • Optimizing accessibility
  • Completing work at the right time with the correct methods
  • Plan workflows, tasks and priorities appropriately
  • Information management
  • Handling stress


Qualified specialists and managers who would like to make the ability of self-organization and time management more efficient and effective. In the seminar the participants get to know their own way of working and how they can improve it and bring it to fruition.

SG-Seminar-Nr.: 5296850

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