Qlik Sense Developer - Data Architect (english) - Training / Workshop von akquinet finance & controlling GmbH

Hands-on training by the BI experts.


The training is aimed at both newcomers and experienced users who would like to further deepen their knowledge. Participants learn all the skills needed to bring together data from different sources in Qlik Sense, link them logically and prepare them as required. Topics include the handling of the software as well as correct procedures and strategic decisions.The training offers a mixture of demonstrations and practical exercises that are scenario-based. Essential components are best practices, the rich experience of our trainers and practical examples from real business events.Our training contents

  • Data editor and data models
  • Synthetic keys and circular references
  • Topologies and strategies
  • Formatting and interpretation
  • Loading XLSX, XML, QVD, and Web files
  • Loading data from databases, the web, and memory
  • Variables
  • Conditional statements, sorting and loops
  • Crosstables and mapping tables
  • IntervalMatch and Subfield
  • InterRecord functions
  • Subroutines and Include
  • Advanced Load statements: Join, Keep, Group by, Aggregations
  • Other important functions
  • Incremental load


  • You know different data concepts and know how to use them in Qlik Sense
  • You know the Sense backend and are able to integrate different data sources using the load script
  • You understand data models and their advantages and disadvantages
  • You know best practices and established strategies
  • You can model, aggregate, and prepare data
  • You can apply the load script to meet your requirements
  • You understand how Qlik Sense operates and know the necessary steps to deal with this
  • You have all training materials, examples, scripts and handouts in digital format
  • You receive a certificate with all contents


  • Intermediate IT knowledge
  • Preferably a completed Qlik designer training course

Termine und Orte

Datum Uhrzeit Dauer Preis
Online, DE
02.08.2021 - 03.08.2021 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr 16 h Jetzt buchen ›

SG-Seminar-Nr.: 5916008


  • 02.08.2021 - 03.08.2021

    Online, DE

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Datum Uhrzeit Dauer Preis
Online, DE
02.08.2021 - 03.08.2021 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr 16 h Jetzt buchen ›