Planning and Implementing Windows Server 2008 (M6433) - Training / Workshop von brainymotion AG


The course content and exercises direct you toward making decisions and providing guidance to others. This course reflects the decision-making tasks that a server administrator undertakes.


Lektion 1: Planning Server Deployment and Upgrade
  • Developing a Deployment Strategy
  • Virtualization Considerations
  • Selecting an Automation Strategy
  • Implementing an Automation Strategy
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing Server Deployment
Lektion 2: Planning Server Management and Delegated Administration
  • Server Management Tools
  • Decentralizing Systems Administration
  • Lab : Implementing Role Based Systems Administration
Lektion 3: Planning Network Addressing and Name Resolution
  • Provisioning IPv4 Addresses on Enterprise Networks
  • Provisioning IPv6 Addresses on Enterprise Networks
  • Transitioning to IPv6
  • Provisioning DNS Services on Enterprise Networks
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing DHCP and DNS
Lektion 4: Planning and Provisioning Active Directory Domain Services
  • Deploying Domain Controllers in Multi-Site Organizations
  • Planning Administrative and Management Structures for AD DS
  • Planning a Maintenance Strategy for AD DS
  • Planning a Backup and Restore Strategy for AD DS
  • Lab : Planning and Provisioning AD DS
Lektion 5: Planning Group Policy Strategy
  • Planning Group Policy Settings
  • Planning Group Policy Assignment
  • Planning the Management of Group Policy Objects
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing Group Policy
Lektion 6: Planning Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Enterprise PKI Deployment and Administration
  • Managing Certificate Templates
  • Planning Certificate Enrollment and Revocation
  • Lab : Configuring Certificate Services
Lektion 7: Planning and Provisioning Application Servers
  • Planning and Provisioning Web Services
  • Planning and Provisioning Presentation Virtualization
  • Planning and Provisioning Application Virtualization
  • Lab : Planning and Provisioning Application Servers
Lektion 8: Planning File and Print Services
  • Provisioning File Services
  • Provisioning and Managing Storage
  • Provisioning and Managing Network Print Services
  • Migrating File and Print Services
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing File and Print Services
Lektion 9: Planning Network Access
  • Planning Network Security
  • Planning Virtual Private Networks
  • Planning Network Access Protection
  • Planning DirectAccess
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing Network Access
Lektion 10: Provisioning Data and Storage
  • Planning and Implementing Distributed File System
  • Planning and Implementing BranchCache
  • Provisioning Storage
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing Data Access
Lektion 11: Planning Update Deployment
  • WSUS Topologies
  • Update Management
  • Lab : Multi-Site WSUS Deployment
Lektion 12: Planning High Availability
  • Planning Network Load Balancing
  • Planning Failover Clustering
  • Planning for Service Availability
  • Lab : Planning and Implementing High Availability
Lektion 13: Planning Performance and Event Monitoring
  • Monitoring and Analyzing Server Performance
  • Managing Events
  • Lab : Event Log Forwarding
Lektion 14: Enterprise Backup and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Concepts
  • Planning Windows Server Backup
  • Planning and Administering Recovery
  • Lab : Backup and restore from VHD


This course is intended for a server administrator who is moving from a technical-specialist role to a decision-making role and who wants to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to plan for Windows Server 2008 servers.

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