Modern Polymer Pharma Packaging - Training / Workshop von PDA Europe gGmbH


One of the main challenges in the pharmaceutical industry is selecting the most appropriate primary container system options covering a wide range from traditional glass containers to modern polymer container closure systems. Market segment range from generics to biotech, dosage forms from oral liquids to parenterals.

This 2-day training course enables participants to evaluate different packaging systems for liquids and semi-liquids based on formulation properties, market requirements and end-user acceptability. The course is focused on polymer packaging materials and will provide an extensive overview about materials and systems, advantages and limitations. A brief comparison of polymer materials with glass is included in the course, as well as a detailed introduction to blow-fill-seal-technology including container closure integrity testing. Also, the different manufacturing and processes related to the implementation of polymer packaging materials will be discussed. Last but not least, most recent requirements, future trends and innovations in polymer pharmaceutical packaging will be outlined.

The course combines classroom lectures with interactive exercises and discussions with experts in this field. The course will be completed with a site visit at a pharma facility, offering a special insight into aseptic blow-fill-seal processing.


Upon completion of this course attendees will be able to

  • Develop target profiles for primary pharmaceutical packaging systems for liquids
  • Understand modern pharmaceutical packaging technologies, materials, applications and requirements
  • Compare different primary container systems with their advantages and limitations
  • Understand the specifics of polymer materials used for primary packaging
  • Evaluate the characteristics of manufacturing technologies for polymer packaging including blow-fill-seal technology
  • Select packaging systems based on the evaluation of market requirements and drug product properties


This course is designed for those involved in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing of drug products with responsibilities for selection of container closure systems:

  • CMC experts
  • Packaging development and engineering
  • Formulation scientists
  • Professionals in manufacturing and engineering

Pre-requisite to attend the course is an understanding of pharmaceutical development including basic primary packaging aspects. Specific knowledge and expertise in polymers is not required.

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