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Basic requirements of GDP for everybody involved in GDP processes GDP overview of current requirements GDP refresher and initial GDP knowledge How do you work correctly in a GDP environment? Overview of legal background and a number of GDP processes Train



Good Distribution Practice is gaining more and more importance. The supply chain is becoming highly complex e.g. by outsourcing, sourcing in other countries. Therefore, distribution and transport have achieved a higher value than in the past. Marketing Authorisation Holders need to understand supply chain traceability, from the starting material of the active ingredient up to the finished product. The rules of GMP only make sense if every step in the supply chain, including the last one, is under very good control. Counterfeits also play a big role in the implementation of the GDP regulations. Inspections of wholesalers show the need to be well prepared.


  • Legal requirements
  • Quality Management
  • GMP vs. GDP
  • Content of GDP Guidelines
  • Import of Medicinal Products
  • MRAs
  • Warehousing
  • Transport
  • Certificates
  • Responsible Person
  • Hygiene
  • Documentation
  • Qualification and Validation
  • Deviations and Changes
  • Complaints and Recalls
ReferentenDr. Josef Landwehr, PTS Training Service


Personnel working companies or department affected by GDP, Personnel in GDP related areas who want to get a compact overview of the GDP requirements, Employees who want to refresh their knowledge but also those who just started in their position.

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