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This training will help you understanding the different factors in how stress develops, and ways to deal with it constructively. If you recognize your personal stress triggers early in the future and are ready to change your habits, you will discover that change is possible, and will experience a noticeable reduction in your stress level. You will achieve an effective boost in performance by using your personal resources in a more conscious and careful manner. By reflecting on your own behavior patterns, you will develop new ways to find and maintain a healthy balance between tension and relaxation. In the future, you will be able to handle difficult or stressful situations better, and will experience a noticeable increase in motivation and performance. You will discover more energy and drive for your private and professional goals. You will remove mental barriers through targeted movement, relaxation, and nutrition, while resolving unnecessary stress factors.

  • The ?stress? phenomenon
  • Stress triggers: what kinds of stress are there? Where does stress begin
  • Typical sources of stress, and which ones affect our work
  • Physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral symptoms
  • Individual stress profile
  • Short-term relief through creative stress reduction methods and techniques
  • Long-term changes through successful self-management
  • Reviewing your own life practices, and letting go of self-imposed restrictions
  • The power of thoughts, and their effects on your body, psyche, & emotions
  • Individual stress tolerance and work motivation
  • Recognizing & optimizing personal behavioral patterns in stressful situations
  • Movement, nutrition, and relaxation: a recipe for success
  • Modern relaxation techniques and their origins
  • Practical physical & mental exercises for the workplace, home, and anywhere else
  • The importance of work-life integration as a protective shield against burnout


Professional staff and managers at all levels, as well as employees.

SG-Seminar-Nr.: 5278317

Anbieter-Seminar-Nr.: ASM2018010

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