VERHANDELN IN ENGLISCH - Seminar / Kurs von NATIONS Business Training

Negotiating with International Partners

The responsibility of the negotiator is to understand and lead the process, predict the outcome and deal with conflict or deadlocks. Clear strategic thinking and staying the course are skills a good negotiator must master to lead a negotiation towards the desired outcome.

The art of leading an effective negotiation is perfected by adding the element of negotiation practices when dealing with partners and clients from culturally diverse backgrounds. Globally acceptable performance practices and cultural sensitivity are brought to the foreground. Self-confidence, adaptability to changing circumstances and the personal negotiation style are brought to the next level.

Successful argumentation, clear focus and effective behaviour patterns will be trained when outlining, presenting, discussing, debating and defending suggestions, agendas and viewpoints.



  • Prepping the event: knowing the agenda and projecting eventualities
  • Presenting and laying out the facts
  • Know thy opponent – understanding personalities
  • Querying, challenging, stalling, rejecting, provoking
  • Conditional agreements, concessions and mediating


  • The ‘nice guy’ trap - staying the course
  • Recognizing the underlying reasons for deadlock or conflict
  • Loosening and influencing rigid positions
  • Factual dialogue leadership vs. emotional leadership
  • Partner-thinking, working towards the win:win
  • Avoiding “false” results and loose ends
  • Wrapping up or leaving options open


The focus in this seminar is on training cognizance of the psychological as well as the practical criteria in negotiations and performance-oriented meetings. Confident and conscious use of strategy, dialogue-leadership, focus and the human connection.


Vertriebspersonal, HR, managers, Gruppenleiter, Kundenbetreuer, Marketingmanager, Projektleiter und alle die auch in englischer Sprache mit spezifischen Zielen Verhandelungen, Meetings und Gespräche führen.

SG-Seminar-Nr.: 1388255

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