VDA 6.3 for auditees - Inhouse - Seminar / Kurs von MP-BusinessManagement GmbH


The VDA 6.3 audit standard has meanwhile become a significant factor in quality management in the automotive industry. And not only in Germany, but worldwide. OEMs and 1st-tier suppliers use the process audit internally and also require VDA 6.3 audits in the supply chain.


In this training you will learn how best to prepare yourself as an auditee for a VDA 6.3 audit. Rely on our experience to provide you with the right tool for a successful audit as part of this training.



Modul 1

Explanation of process audit

  • What is an audit?
  • Audit types (system audit, process audit & product audit)
  • Difference Potential Analysis & Process Audit


  • Evaluation criteria
  • Evaluation scheme, result, downgrading
  • Further procedure, action plan

Role of the auditor

  • Objectives, audit procedure, interview techniques

Modul 2

Project Management / Development Process (PEP)

  • What is ensured (P2 to P4)?

Modul 3

Serial process

  • What is ensured (P5 to P7)?


All departments and functions audited according to VDA 6.3, e.g. employees from sales, project management, product development, process planning, purchasing and production managers.

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