UFT120 - Seminar / Kurs von ExperTeach Gesellschaft für Netzwerkkompetenz mbH

Unified Functional Testing 12 Essentials


This course provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use the Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 12.0 application as an automated functional testing tool.Beginning with a record and playback session, participants will learn how to create new scripts. They then explore enhancements, which add intelligence and flexibility to a script, including synchronization, checkpoints, and parameterization. Later in the course, participants adopt principles frequently followed by developers as they design more sophisticated test scripts. By creating reusable actions, function libraries, and shared object repositories, and by learning to manipulate dynamic objects and data, participants will be armed with a skill set applicable for testing nearly any type of application.Kursinhalt • Module 1 – Course Overview• Module 2 – Software Overview• Module 3 – Preparing to Record• Module 4 – Creating a Basic Test• Module 5 – Working with Objects• Module 6 – Adding Synchronization• Module 7 – Verifying with Standard Checkpoints• Module 8 – Using Parameters• Module 9 – Building Multiple, Reusable Actions• Module 10 – Adding Steps Without Recording• Module 11 – Creating Tests on a Web Application• Module 12 – Writing Custom Checkpoints• Module 13 – Utilizing a Shared Object RepositoryZielgruppe New users of Unified Functional Testing (UFT), who need to automate manual testing and verification in a short amount of time. UTF 12.0 is the HP Software upgrade of Quick Test Professional 11.0.– Quality assurance engineers who assume technical lead roles in the use of QuickTest Professional/UFT applications.Voraussetzungen Working knowledge of: Windows, Web sites and browsersAny experience with: Programming languages, Scripting languages, Writing macros

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