Train-the-Trainer Intermediate "Module 2" - Seminar / Kurs von riebeaux Training & Coaching UG

Inspire methodically and train effectively


Train the Trainer Module 2 is aimed at trainers who have already conducted training courses and already possess the basic skills needed to pursue training activities. In this Train the Trainer module, we will work together to improve your presentation and moderation skills.

This module will add more skills to your methods toolbox which will make your own seminars and training courses more varied and more exciting, while always inspiring participants and improving the transfer of knowledge.

Rhetoric for experienced trainers

  • Rhetorical principles
  • Use of metaphors
  • The group report
  • Creating and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere
  • Mental attunement

Moderation techniques

  • What does moderation mean?
  • How can I moderate in a targeted way?
  • The moderator?s role
  • Professional moderation techniques

Brain-friendly learning processes

  • What is brain-friendly learning?
  • Understanding learning processes
  • Support with knowledge transfer

Shaping the end of a seminar effectively

  • Motivating participants once again
  • Designing closing procedure excitingly and interactively

Professional video feedback

  • Basics of video feedback
  • What should trainers ensure during analysis and feedback?
  • Tips and tricks




Train the Trainer module 2 addresses methodological fine-tuning and is accompanied by many practical exercises with video feedback.

Module 2 builds on Module 1, but can also be booked regardless of prior participation.


This seminar is suited to both beginners and advanced trainers who want to improve their coaching skills.

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