TELEFONTRAINING IN ENGLISCH - Seminar / Kurs von NATIONS Business Training

Internationale Telefongespräche & E-Mails

Telephone etiquette and inter-cultural fitness play a key role in any successful telephone dialogue. Company image, efficient information exchange and positive human interaction are the elements that most of us know and employ in our own language and culture.   When we are expected to apply these skills in a foreign language with discussion partners from different cultural backgrounds, these tasks can become a real challenge.

The subjects covered in this seminar range from the simple and polite first-contact, greeting and interacting with clients, partners and colleagues, to the avoidance of misunderstandings and the effective information.



  • Opening and closing the call  - basic etiquette and respecting  the cultural background of the caller
  • Listening to and understanding the essence in a more complex dialogue
  • English structures, phrases and expressions that work with every culture
  • Avoiding  potential misunderstandings through the right questions and answers
  • The fine mastery of leading and being lead
  • Achieving a healthy balance between listening and talking
  • Representing the company image - what to say and how
  • Email etiquette - how a good email works
  • Email  tools - expressions, openers and closers


  • Improved self-confidence and fluency when handling telephone calls
  • Greater fluency in giving and receiving information
  • Less “blind spots” and a greater familiarity with expressions and phrases
  • The ability to “hear” the essential message without having to understand every word


Für jeden - ob Assistentin oder Führungskraft - der in internationalen Telefongesprächen einen professionellen und trotzdem herzlichen Eindruck hinterlassen möchte.

Aufgrund einer Sprachniveau-Ermittlung werden homogene Gruppen gebildet.

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