Social Skills - Moderating an international Group (in English) - Seminar / Kurs von Creos Lernideen und Beratung GmbH

The necessary tools to moderate professionally an international or multi-lingual group


Moderating an international Group can be a very difficult affair. The ability to read the group, pass the word around the floor successfully and keep all cultural differences in step is not an easy task. This seminar offers the participants the chance to practise their moderation techniques in a workshop-based environment in the English language, guided closely from a native speaker. The connection between visual and verbal communication helps to avoid missing important ideas. High quality results can be achieved quickly and democratically. Upon conclusion of this seminar, the participants will have the necessary tools moderate confidently and professionally an international or multi-lingual group.


  • The roll of the moderator
  • Reading the group
  • Moderation techniques
  • The tools of moderation
    • Pin boards and flipcharts
    • Moderation cards, pens, pins, postits, etc.
  • Designing the moderation process
    • Initial stage
    • Ways of posing a problem and goal orientation
    • Accumulating the topics
    • Assigning priorities
    • Processing the topics
    • Assuring the results
  • Language module
  • Intercultural module
  • Asking questions
  • The moderator's neutral attitude
  • Practising moderation using concrete examples
  • Feedback on individual moderation style


Managers, team leaders and team members.

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