Six Sigma Black Belt Boot Camp (English) - Seminar / Kurs von Six Sigma College Düsseldorf

Certification Six Sigma Black Belt in accordance with the standards of American Society for Quality (ASQ) 4 days | Boot Camp


Successful completion of the Green Belt course is a prerequisite for the Black Belt certification. For more information about Green Belt training. Basics: Philosophy, History, Project Management, Tools, Statistics D-M-A-I-C with all tools in detail: Project Charter, SIPOC, VOC, Project Management, Histogram, Box Plot, Time Series Plot, Control Chart, Pareto Chart, Value Stream Mapping, Ishikawa Chart, Sigma Level Calculation, Brainstorming, FMEA, Pilot Solution Data Analysis, Solution Processability, Project Completion Report Six Sigma Management Tools: Change Management, Six Sigma Board, Feedback, Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), Time Management, Coaching Introduction to Statistical Tools Minitab/Excel: Graphical Data Analysis Statistics: Introduction to basic concepts, scale levels, probability calculation, discrete distributions, process capability, control charts and process models Statistical tests I: Basics, Parameter Tests, Customisation Tests, Normally-Distributed Characteristics Tests Statistical tests II: Tests for Non-Normally Distributed Characteristics Statistical tests III: Tests for discrete characteristics Regression: Regression analysis, correlation analysis, variance analysis Tolerance design, confidence interval determination Design of Experiments (DoE): Presentation of the concept, catapult attempt Measurement System Analysis Hypothesis tests + final exam


The Black Belt is a full-time Six Sigma improvement expert. He is responsible for project management tasks and has in-depth knowledge in the application of the various Six Sigma methods. As a Black Belt you are responsible for the successful implementation of Six Sigma improvement projects. When it comes to targeted implementation, Black Belts are experts in the use of both the Six Sigma concept and complex statistical methods. As project managers, Black Belts are responsible for coaching Green Belts and have a broad spectrum of experience in project management.


Six Sigma training is suitable for companies and employees with leadership responsibilities in all industries.

Six Sigma helps you achieve significant value in a short period of time. All Six Sigma projects are carried out exclusively with the goals of achieving a demonstrable increase in added value or a demonstrable reduction of costs.

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