SA120 - Seminar / Kurs von ExperTeach Gesellschaft für Netzwerkkompetenz mbH

Server Automation 10.x Essentials


This five-day course provides the necessary foundation to manage the data center servers and application environment using HP Server Automation (SA) 10. The course covers the key components of SA and their functionality. Through lecture and hands-on practice, you develop the skills necessary to successfully provision servers, manage physical and virtual environments, as well as manage software, packages, patches, and application configurations using SA. You will also learn how to enforce compliance, and audit and report on server activities through SA. The course consists of focused, task-oriented lectures, text, and a series of detailed hands-on labs to teach the course material to the student. The hands-on labs use version 10.0 of the software.


• Module 1: Course Overview and Introduction to HP Server Automation• Module 2: Exploring the Architecture and Interfaces• Module 3: Agent Functionality and Server Integration• Module 4: Provisioning Operating Systems (OS) Using OS Build Plans (OSBPs)• Module 5: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Less or Static IP Provisioning• Module 6: Managing Virtualization• Module 7: Exploring Device Groups• Module 8: Exploring Device Groups with Search Results• Module 9: Managing Packages• Module 10: Software Management• Module 11: Working with Application Deployment Manager (ADM)• Module 12: Application Configuration Management• Module 13: Managing Patches• Module 14: Working with Audits, Snapshots, and Remediation• Module 15: Enforcing Compliance• Module 16: Exploring Servers Using the Global Shell and Global File System• Module 17: Scripting with SA• Module 18: Exploring Reports in SA• Appendix: OS Provisioning with OS Sequences


This course is recommended for: System Administrators, Patch Administrators, SA Administrators, Policy Setters, IT Managers, IT or Application Architects, Data Center Managers, Application Experts, Operations Experts, Deployment Specialists, Application Deployment Manager Administrators, QA Team Members and Managers, Security Administrators, Other technical personnel who are responsible for data center automation.


– Knowledge of networking terms and concepts– Knowledge of different operating system environments

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