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Programme managers are, above all else, change agents. Their role has evolved in most organisations from that of managing multiple projects, to implementing business strategy through an integrated portfolio of projects involving the management of multiple teams of professionals, as well as executive-level stakeholders. As such, the programme manager today requires a refined set of business and leadership skills that are different from that of a project manager. This course includes an integrated case study that will provide you with the opportunity to walk through the entire life-cycle of a programme while facing the types of realistic challenges you will certainly encounter. You will learn tools and techniques for programme governance which are effective in managing stakeholders and ensuring that your programme realises its strategic objectives. Real life case studies will be presented by instructors who have extensive industry experience.


Programme management doesn’t simply entail managing interrelated projects-rather; it’s about managing programmes to maximise benefits realisation while ensuring that programmes (and their components) align with organisational strategy and overall strategic objectives. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned practitioner, this course offers a hands-on approach to programme management. The course contains an integrated case study and walks participants through the life cycle of a typical programme, identifying critical success factors at each step in the process. In addition to the latest insights from the Standard for Program Management, 2nd Edition, this course is packed with practical application tools, techniques and best practices for managing programmes. You’ll learn to initiate a programme, develop a solid business case, manage stakeholders at all levels, develop a detailed roadmap (including programme and governance plans), and define key deliverables and outputs needed for realising programme benefits. You’ll also manage change and programme challenges and close out the programme effectively.

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