Oracle University - Oracle Database 10g: Managing Oracle on Linux für DBAs - Seminar / Kurs von CNS Training & Consulting GmbH

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This course is designed to give the Database Administrator a firm understanding of the components required to successfully deploy an Oracle 10g Database on Enterprise Linux. Students will learn how to configure the Linux operating system for optimal performance with an Oracle database. Then they will install and create an Oracle 10g database on Linux. In addition, the students will also learn how to tune the database to take advantage of the Linux operating system and the Enterprise level features of the OS.


• Optimally configure Linux for an Oracle Database installation

• Identify the different kernels and memory models available for Linux

• View installed packages on a Linux system

• Create a database and listener

• Customize the database to take advantage of Linux features

• Identify and implement the best storage options for an Oracle database

• Enable a large SGA that overcomes 32-bit addressing limitations

• Monitor memory, CPU, and I/O activity and performance

• Tune an Oracle database on Linux

• Debug database errors specific to the Linux OS


Introduction to Linux

• Kernel Version Information

• Common Linux Commands

• Navigating the File System

• Using the Virtual File System

• The Basics of Bash Shell Scripting


Preparing Linux for Oracle

• Setting Shared Memory Parameters

• Setting Semaphore Parameters

• Managing Packages

• Configuring the X Window System

• Creating the Necessary Linux Users


Installing Oracle on Linux

• File System Security

• Setting Environment Variables

• Creating Oracle Directories

• Managing Multiple Version of Oracle Software

• Using the Oracle Universal Installer

• Installation Pre-requisites

• The Oracle Relink Utility Managing Storage

• Certified and Supported File Systems

• Disk Partitioning

• Automatic Storage Management


Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

• ASMLib

• Configuring Disks for ASM

• Creating an ASM Instance

• ASM Best Practices


Creating the Database

• Choosing the Storage Mechanism

• Assigning ASM Disk Groups in the Database

• dbca Log Files

• Installation Log Files

• Instance Dump Files

• Background Processes

• Server Processes

• Process Hierarchy


Customizing Oracle on Linux

• Linux Startup Sequence

• Linux Runlevels

• Database Startup and Shutdown

• Administrative Scripts

• Managing Services with chkconfig

• Automating Jobs

• Server Parameter File Managing Memory

• Swap Space

• Evaluating Memory Usage

• Implementing Hugepages on 32-bit Linux

• Enlarging the SGA


Using Linux Measurement Tools

• Tuning CPU

• Tuning Memory

• Measuring Memory with sar

• Monitoring and Tuning I/O

• Using iostat

• Reducing I/O Bottlenecks


Tuning Oracle on Linux

• Sizing Database Blocks

• Using Multiple DBWR Processes

• Using DB Writer Slaves

• Using Automatic Shared Memory Management


Debugging Oracle on Linux

• Using OS Watcher

• Using the Remote Diagnostic Agent

• Using strace to trace Processes

• Resolving ORA-600 Errors

• Resolving ORA-7445 Errors


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