Oracle University Berlin Expert Summit 2016 - Seminar / Kurs von ExperTeach Gesellschaft für Netzwerkkompetenz mbH


Seminar 1 | April 18th | 9:30-17:00 Database Troubleshooting Tuning with Jonathan Lewis Troubleshooting versus tuning. Dealing with poorly performing live systems. Why Troubleshooting is easy and Tuning is hard. Seminar 2 | April 19th 20th| 9:30-16:00 Oracle Database Security Audit Training Course with Pete Finnigan Teaches how to secure data stored in Oracle databases. It covers key administration and design issues affect security. Finally it looks at database hacking, unauthorized data access, audit planning, post-audit actions and detailed reporting. The seminar uses supported versions of Oracle from 9iR2 through Oracle 12c. Seminar 3 | April 19th | 9:30-16:00 Writing Optimal SQL with Jonathan Lewis Tuning inefficient SQL and reducing I/O. Data distribution patterns, indexes, views, analytic functions, subquery factoring, statistics, hints, and execution plans. Seminar 4 | April 19th| 9:30-16:00 Minimize Downtime with Rolling Upgrade using Data Guard with Uwe Hesse Rolling Upgrades with Logical Standby and with an existing Physical Standby. Rolling Upgrade procedures, processes and its restrictions are explained. The topics will be accompanied by many Live-Demonstrations. Seminar 5 | April 20th | 9:30-16:00Oracle Big Data Architectures and Market Trends with Javier De La Torre Medina A technical introduction to Hadoop and NoSQL including best practices for building a Big Data Architecture. This will help determine whether Big Data is the right solution.Seminar 6 | April 20th | 9:30-16:00Oracle Database 12c – New Performance Features with Christian Antognini Covers key performance improvements in the query optimizer, new segments related to partial indexes, zone maps, and attribute clustering and from version, In-Memory features. For full details about the summit in English, click here: For full details about the summit in German, click here: Zielgruppe • Architect • Data Analyst • Database Administrators • Database Designers • Developer • PL/SQL Developer • Presales Kursziel • Logical Standby Databases; Rolling Upgrade infrastructures; minimize downtime during switchover; become familiar with Backup and Fallback scenarios • Database Troubleshooting Tuning with Jonathan Lewis: Tuning versus Troubleshooting, Strategies for Tuning Live Systems • Gain insight in the challenges related to these features. • Minimize Downtime with Rolling Upgrade using Data Guard with Uwe Hesse: Rolling Upgrade procedures, processes and restrictions • Oracle Big Data Architectures and Market Trends with Javier De La Torre Medina: Understand Big Data Concepts. Evaluate the different technologies, Learn how to build a Big Data Arc • Oracle Database 12c - New Performance Features with Christian Antognini: Understand the new performance features from a practical point of view • Oracle Database Security Audit with Pete Finnigan: Common Hacking Techniques, Attack Surfaces and Audit Planning. Security Auditing, Audit Reporting and Designing for Security • Writing Optimal SQL with Jonathan Lewis: Tune SQL, Reduce I/O, Managing Data Distribution, Indexes, Views, Statistics, Hints and Analytic Functions

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