Oracle SBC Advanced Configuration - Seminar / Kurs von ExperTeach Gesellschaft für Netzwerkkompetenz mbH


No hands on lab environment for the TOD course format.This course provides technical network professionals with the skills needed to successfully understand and configure the Oracle Communication Session Border Controller using advanced routing configuration models, advanced SIP manipulations using regular expressions and different ways of handling media. This course covers the fundamentals of DNS and ENUM, different uses of the SBC as B2BUA or Stateful or stateless Proxy (Session Router), regular expressions for more optimal SBC configuration and more. Pros and cons for many configuration options, as well as discussing case studies are included.Learn How To:Configure the SBC for smart business trunkingDeal with special media handlingUse advanced routing based on DNS, ENUM, routing tables and moreMaximize the use of those powerful HMRsBenefits to You This course is intended for individuals who will be responsible for hands-on configuration tasks or for designing complex solutions with the Oracle Communication SBC, increasing the flexibility and the performance of the entire deployment.For events in Europe Middle East and Africa please click here. Kursinhalt • Advanced Routing • Advanced Session Router and Business Trunking • Advanced Header Manipulation Rules • Advanced Media Handling Zielgruppe • Security Administrators • Support Engineer • System Integrator • Technical Administrator Voraussetzungen • Oracle Communication SBC Configuration and Administration Kursziel • Configure various schemes of peering (SIP trunking) • Configure DNS, ENUM, local routing tables and other elements for smarter, more efficient and advanced routing • Configure the SBC so it addresses less common media handling requirements such as media release and better bandwidth utilization • Configure efficient header manipulation rules using the power of regular expressions, conditioning, chaining and more • Test functionality of the above configurations

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