MaRisk – German minimum requirements for risk management at banks - Seminar / Kurs von Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH


Interactive seminar, discussions, moderation, group work.
  • Introduction and Seminar Objectives 
  • Introduction: Why MaRisk at your institution?
    • The applicability of MaRisk to financial institutions, transactions and risks 
  • MaRisk structure and principles
    • Historical development, regulatory background and objectives
  • Organisational Requirements for institutions
    • Strategy
    • Segregation of duties
    • Processes and guidelines
    • Staff
    • Technology
    • Outsourcing
    • Management Responsibility
    • Risk Culture
    • Lending and Credit Risk Management
      • General Aspects
      • Assessment
      • Risk Classification and Rating
      • Decision
      • Management of Normal Loans
      • Early Warning System
      • Intensified Management and Problem Loans
      • Restructuring and wind down
      • Provisioning, Risk Quantification and Reporting
      • Risk Management as per MaRisk
        • Fundamentals
        • The Risk Management Process
        • Types of Risk and related requirements Credit Risk, Market Risks, Liquidity Risk, Operational Risk – including Information Security
        • Risk Bearing Capacity and Limits
        • Stress Tests
        • Requirements for Internal Audit
        • Risk Reporting Requirements
        • Regulatory Audits
        • Seminar Summary


The workshop has been developed to give an introduction into the main requirements about Risk Management at banks operating in Germany. All major topics are covered and complemented with the latest updates as per MaRisk 6.0.. Participation in this workshop will ensure a solid understanding of the main requirements as defined in the MaRisk document, allowing participants to ensure the institutions they work for are organised accordingly.


This workshop is tailored for related needs of bank management, internal audit, risk management and bank staff working in lending operations or processing/backoffice.

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Anbieter-Seminar-Nr.: SUP-OMRRM_19

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