M55187 Linux System Administration - Seminar / Kurs von brainymotion AG


The course covers how to administer, configure and upgrade Linux systems running one of the three major Linux distribution families: Red Hat, SUSE, Debian/Ubuntu. Learn the tools to efficiently build and manage an enterprise Linux infrastructure.


1 - System Startup and ShutdownUnderstanding the Boot SequenceThe Grand Unified Boot LoaderGRUB Configuration FilesSystem Configuration Files in /etcThe init ProcessSysVinit Startupchkconfig and serviceUpstartsystemdShutting down/Rebooting the SystemLab 1: Chapter Labs2 - Linux Filetree System LayoutData DistinctionsFHS Linux Standard Directory TreeLab 1: Chapter Labs3 - Kernel Services and ConfigurationKernel OverviewKernel ConfigurationsysctlKernel ModulesModule UtilitiesModule Configurationudev and Device ManagementLab 1: Chapter Labs4 - Partitioning and Formatting DisksCommon Disk TypesDisk GeometryPartitioningNaming Disk DevicesSizing up partitionsPartition table editorsLab 1: Chapter Labs5 - Linux FilesystemsSome Notes About FilesystemsVirtual Filesystem (VFS)Filesystem ConceptsDisk and Filesystem UsageExtended Attributesext4XFSbtrfsCreating and formatting filesystemsChecking and Repairing FilesystemsMounting filesystemsSwapFilesystem QuotasLab 1: Chapter Labs6 - RAID and LVMLab 1: Chapter Labs7 - ProcessesPrograms and ProcessesProcess StatesExecution ModesDaemonsCreating ProcessesProcess LimitsProcess MonitoringSignalsnicenessLibrariesLab 1: Installing and Configuring Windows 78 - Package Management SystemsSoftware Packaging ConceptsRPM (Red Hat Package Manager)DPKG (Debian Package)Revision Control SystemsLab 1: Chapter Labs9 - Package InstallersPackage InstallersyumzypperAPTLab 1: Chapter Labs10 - User and Group Account ManagementUser AccountsManagementPasswordsRestricted Shells and AccountsThe root AccountGroup ManagementPAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)Authentication ProcessConfiguring PAMLDAP AuthenticationFile Permissions and OwnershipSSHLab 1: Chapter Labs11 - Backup and Recovery MethodsBackup BasicscpiotarCompression: gzip, bzip2 and xz and Backupsddrsyncdump and restoremtBackup ProgramsLab 1: Chapter Labs12 - NetworkingIP AddressesHostnamesConfiguring Network InterfacesRoutingName ResolutionNetwork DiagnosticsLab 1: Chapter Labs13 - FirewallsFirewallsInterfacesfirewalldZonesSource ManagementService and Port ManagementLab 1: Chapter Labs14 - Local System SecurityLocal System SecurityCreating a Security PolicyUpdates and SecurityPhysical SecurityFilesystem SecurityLinux Security ModulesLab 1: Chapter Labs15 - Basic Troubleshoot and System RescueTroubleshooting OverviewThings to Check: NetworkingBoot Process FailuresFilesystem Corruption and RecoveryVirtual ConsolesRescue Media and TroubleshootingSystem Rescue and RecoveryLab 1: Chapter Labs

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