M55009 System Center Service Manager 2012 - Seminar / Kurs von brainymotion AG


This five-day course teaches students how to design, deploy and maintain Service Manager 2012 within their organizations. Students are introduced to the various System Center 2012 products and will learn how Service Manager 2012 is designed and deployed within the System Center suite. In addition, students will learn how to customize the end user experience and automate service request responses, as well as learn best practices for using Service Manager 2012. This course incorporates hands-on learning opportunities so students can practice applying business solutions to real-world scenarios. After completion, students will have the skills necessary to manage Service Manager 2012 for maximum business benefit.


1 - Introduction to System Center 2012 Service ManagerHistory and Evolution of System Center 2012System Center 2012 Product SuiteSystem Center 2012 LicensingSystem Center 2012 Service ManagerLab 1: Setting Up the Initial Lab EnvironmentLab 2: Introducing System Center 20122 - Overview of ITIL and MOFIntroducing ITIL and MOFefining the Role of a Service DeskApplying ITIL and MOF to Service Manager 2012Lab 1: Introducing Service Management 3 - Design and Deployment Considerations for Service Manager 2012Examining the Service Manager 2012 ArchitectureDesigning Service Manager 2012Analyzing Deployment ScenariosPreparing to Deploy Service Manager 20124 - Installing and Configuring Service Manager 2012Installing the Service Manager Management ServerInstalling the Service Manager Data Warehouse Management ServerNavigating the Service Manager ConsoleRegistering the Data WarehouseWorking with Management PacksLab 1: Registering Service Manager with the Data WarehouseLab 2: Exploring the Service Manager ConsoleLab 3: Using PowerShell for Management Packs 5 - Managing Service Manager 2012 SecurityDefining Role-Based Access ControlExamining Service Manager 2012 SecurityConfiguring User Roles in Service Manager 2012Lab 1: Managing Service Manager 2012 Security 6 - Extending Service Manager 2012 with Connectors Defining the Configuration Management DatabaseConsidering the Role of ConnectorsInstalling and Configuring ConnectorsImporting Data Using CSV FilesLab 1: Creating ConnectorsLab 2: Scripting Using PowerShell cmdlets 7 - Incident ManagementIntroducing Incident ManagementConfiguring Incident Management SettingsConfiguring Problem Management SettingsCustomizing Incident Management ListsCustomizing Incident Management ViewsCreating Incident RequestsCreating Incident Request TemplatesUsing Templates with Incidents RequestsCreating Incident Management Event WorkflowsLab 1: Working with Incident Requests8 - Change Management and Activity ManagementIntroducing Change Management and Activity ManagementImplementing a Change Management ProcessExamining Activities in Service Manager 2012Customizing Change Management ListsCustomizing Change Management ViewsCreating Change Requests and ActivitiesCreating Change Request TemplatesCreating Change and Activity Management WorkflowsLab 1: Working with Change Requests9 - Release ManagementIntroducing Release ManagementCustomizing Release Management ListsCustomizing Release Management ViewsCreating Release RecordsCreating Release Record TemplatesCreating Release Management Event WorkflowsLab 1: Working with Release Records10 - Service Level Management Introducing Service Level ManagementCreating a New Calendar ItemCreating a New Metric ItemCreating a New Service Level ObjectiveConfiguring NotificationsLab 1: Creating a Service Level Objective in Service Manager 201211 - Using the Self-Service PortalIntroducing the Self-Service PortalIntroducing the Service CatalogCreating Service Offerings and Request OfferingsCustomizing the Self-Service PortalLab 1: Working with the Self-Service Portal 12 - Managing the Data Warehouse and ReportingIntroducing the Data WarehouseNavigating the Data Warehouse WorkspacesDefining Data Warehouse JobsExploring Different Data Warehouse ReportsConfiguring Data Retention SettingsUsing Windows PowerShell cmdletsLab 1: Exploring the Data Warehouse WorkspacesLab 2: Verifying the Data Warehouse Registration 7Lab 3: Running Reports in Service Manager 2012 13 - Orchestrator 2012 and Service Manager 2012 IntegrationIntroducing Orchestrator 2012Navigating Orchestrator 2012 InterfacesCreating RunbooksWorking with Integration PacksIntegrating Orchestrator 2012 with Service Manager 2012Lab 1: Automating User Creation with a Runbook Automation Activity through the Self-Service Portal 7 14 - System Center 2012 Service Pack 1Introducing System Center 2012 Service Pack 1Deploying Service Pack 1Exploring Service Pack 1 and Service Manager 2012 15 - System Center 2012 IntegrationLab 1: Setting up the Initial Lab EnvironmentLab 2: Creating an Orchestrator 2012 RunbookLab 3: Working with Orchestrator System Center 2012 Runbooks 7

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