M20483 Programming in C# - Seminar / Kurs von brainymotion AG


This training course teaches developers the programming skills that are required for developers to create Windows applications using the C# language.


1 - Review of C# SyntaxOverview of Writing Applications using C#Datatypes, Operators, and ExpressionsC# Programming Language ConstructsLab : Developing the Class Enrolment Application2 - Creating Methods, Handling Exceptions, and Monitoring ApplicationsCreating and Invoking MethodsCreating Overloaded Methods and Using Optional and Output ParametersHandling Exceptions Monitoring ApplicationsLab : Extending the Class Enrolment Application Functionality3 - Developing the Code for a Graphical ApplicationImplementing Structs and EnumsOrganizing Data into CollectionsHandling EventsLab : Writing the Code for the Grades Prototype Application4 - Creating Classes and Implementing Type-safe CollectionsCreating ClassesDefining and Implementing InterfacesImplementing Type-safe CollectionsLab : Adding Data Validation and Type-safety to the Grades Application5 - Creating a Class Hierarchy by Using InheritanceCreating Class HierarchiesExtending .NET Framework ClassesCreating Generic TypesLab : Refactoring Common Functionality into the User Class6 - Reading and Writing Local DataReading and Writing Files Serializing and Deserializing DataPerforming I/O Using StreamsLab : Generating the Grades Report7 - Accessing a DatabaseCreating and Using Entity Data ModelsQuerying Data by Using LINQUpdating Data by Using LINQLab : Retrieving and Modifying Grade Data8 - Accessing Remote DataAccessing Data Across the WebAccessing Data in the CloudLab : Retrieving and Modifying Grade Data in the Cloud9 - Designing the User Interface for a Graphical ApplicationUsing XAML to Design a User InterfaceBinding Controls to DataStyling a User InterfaceLab : Customizing Student Photographs and Styling the Application10 - Improving Application Performance and ResponsivenessImplementing Multitasking by using Tasks and Lambda ExpressionsPerforming Operations AsynchronouslySynchronizing Concurrent Access to DataLab : Improving the Responsiveness and Performance of the Application11 - Integrating with Unmanaged CodeCreating and Using Dynamic ObjectsManaging the Lifetime of Objects and Controlling Unmanaged ResourcesLab : Upgrading the Grades Report12 - Creating Reusable Types and AssembliesExamining Object MetadataCreating and Using Custom AttributesGenerating Managed CodeVersioning, Signing and Deploying AssembliesLab : Specifying the Data to Include in the Grades Report13 - Encrypting and Decrypting DataImplementing Symmetric EncryptionImplementing Asymmetric EncryptionLab : Encrypting and Decrypting Grades Reports

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