M20480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 - Seminar / Kurs von brainymotion AG


This course provides an introduction to HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This course helps students gain basic HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript programming skills.


1 - Overview of HTML and CSSOverview of HTML Overview of CSS Creating a Web Application by Using Visual Studio 2012 Lab : Exploring the Contoso Conference Application2 - Creating and Styling HTML5 PagesCreating an HTML5 Page Styling an HTML5 Page Lab : Creating and Styling HTML5 Pages3 - Introduction to JavaScriptOverview of JavaScript Syntax Programming the HTML DOM with JavaScript Introduction to jQuery Lab : Displaying Data and Handling Events by Using JavaScript4 - Creating Forms to Collect Data and Validate User InputOverview of Forms and Input Types Validating User Input by Using HTML5 Attributes Validating User Input by Using JavaScript Lab : Creating a Form and Validating User Input5 - Communicating with a Remote Data SourceSending and Receiving Data by Using XMLHTTPRequest Sending and Receiving Data by Using jQuery AJAX operations Lab : Communicating with a Remote Data Source6 - Styling HTML5 by Using CSS3 Styling Text Styling Block Elements CSS3 Selectors Enhancing Graphical Effects by Using CSS3 Lab : Styling Text and Block Elements using CSS37 - Creating Objects and Methods by Using JavaScriptWriting Well-Structured JavaScript Creating Custom Objects Extending Objects Lab : Refining Code for Maintainability and Extensibility8 - Creating Interactive Pages using HTML5 APIsInteracting with Files Incorporating Multimedia Reacting to Browser Location and Context Debugging and Profiling a Web Application Lab : Creating Interactive Pages by Using HTML5 APIs9 - Adding Offline Support to Web ApplicationsReading and Writing Data Locally Adding Offline Support by Using the Application Cache Lab : Adding Offline Support to a Web Application10 - Implementing an Adaptive User InterfaceSupporting Multiple Form Factors Creating an Adaptive User Interface Lab : Implementing an Adaptive User Interface11 - Creating Advanced GraphicsCreating Interactive Graphics by Using Scalable Vector Graphics Programmatically Drawing Graphics by Using a Canvas Lab : Creating Advanced Graphics12 - Animating the User InterfaceApplying CSS Transitions Transforming Elements Applying CSS Key-frame Animations Lab : Animating User Interface Elements13 - Implementing Real-Time Communications by Using Web SocketsIntroduction to Web Sockets Sending and Receiving Data by Using Web Sockets Lab : Implementing Real-Time Communications by Using Web Sockets14 - Creating a Web Worker ProcessIntroduction to Web Workers Performing Asynchronous Processing by Using a Web Worker Lab : Creating a Web Worker Process

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