Legal Aspects of Contract Law II - Seminar / Kurs von Lehre und Dozentur Gernhuber

Purchasing Law for advanced


Warranty and guarantee - disparities- warranty period- When is a warranty given?Faulty delivery - When is a product defective?- Contractual claims in the event of defective delivery- Liability for material defects in the case of purchase contracts- Liability for Material Defects in Contracts for Work and Services- Legal consequences of defective performanceBuyer's rights in the event of defective delivery- supplementary performance- self-help law- Withdrawal and reduction- Damages and reimbursement of expensesSpecial liability issues - Possibilities of exemption from liability and limitation of liability- Recourse claims in the supply chain- Legally binding nature of flat-rate processing costs- Legal problems relating to debit notes- Liability for recalls- Adhesion for belt standstillsLimitation of claims due to defective performance - limitation periods- Limitation of the statute of limitationsThe immediate period for inspection and notification of defects - Obligations of the buyer to conduct himself when accepting the goods- Prerequisite for the assertion of rights- What do you mean, "immediately"? - Trade customs- Obvious and concealed defectsPurchase, work and service contract - Main differences- Relevant legal peculiarities- Liability issues- compensationframework agreements - When is the supplier obliged to deliver?- The supplier confirms another date - And now?- Relationship between framework agreements and general terms and conditions- Deliveries despite missing signature in the framework agreement - What applies?Special features of international contracts - Which law applies in addition to the contract?- Choice of law clause - Necessary or unnecessary?- Is a German place of jurisdiction advantageous in any case?UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods - When is it used?- What is regulated? What is not?- Primary obligations of the seller and the buyer- Delay according to UN sales law- Buyer's rights in the event of defective deliveryProduct liability - Fundamentals of European Product Liability- Legal basis of product liability- Liability of the manufacturer for defective products according to the ProdHaftG (Product Liability Act)- Manufacturer within the meaning of the ProdHaftG- Product in the sense of the ProdHaftG- Error in the sense of the ProdHaftG- Product liability under tort lawTranslated with


The seminar deals with legal basics for buyers. You will learn where legal pitfalls lie when concluding a contract and how to avoid them. The extensive seminar documents are very well suited as a daily reference book.


Purchasing managers and employees from the areas of purchasing and materials management as well as all those who deal with legal issues in purchasing and are responsible for concluding contracts.

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