Legal Aspects of Contract Law I - From Trust to Promise to Contract - Seminar / Kurs von Lehre und Dozentur Gernhuber

introduction to Contract Law


The pre-contractual obligation - The non-disclosure agreement- Rights and obligations of the parties in the bidding phase- Letter of intent and nomination letter- Obligations to consider during contract negotiations- The pre-contractual relationship of trust- injury facts

The conclusion of the contract - What do I have to pay attention to when signing a contract?- Offer, acceptance- Access to offer and acceptance- acceptance periods- Offer among attendees- Offer among absentees- The commercial letter of confirmation- breaches of consultancy obligations- written form- Legal written form- The contractually agreed written form- Essential information on the preface and preambleo Checklist contract contents

Thelaw of general terms and conditions - Introduction to the law of general terms and conditions- Validity of the AGB law among merchants- Prerequisites for the effective inclusion of general terms and conditions of business- Inclusion of general terms and conditions customary in the industry- Inclusion of the GTC in the commercial letter of confirmation- Printing design of the general terms and conditions- framework agreements- Priority of the individual agreement- ambiguity rule- Legal consequences of not included or ineffective clauses- Content control of individual AGB clauses- The problem of intersecting general terms and conditions of businessacquisition of property - Acquisition of ownership of movable property- Special features in the acquisition of ownership of operating resources, in particular tools- retention of title- chattel mortgaging

Rights and obligations in the event of delays in delivery - Conditions for delay in delivery- Consequences of delay in delivery- Buyer's rights when adhering to the contract- Buyer's rights if he wants to terminate the contract- contractual penalty- recourse in the supply chain- Binding nature of requirements forecast and call-off- Delivery delay for deviating requirement notifications- Scope of the obligation to reimburse in the event of a stoppage of the production line


They receive a solid basic knowledge in the corresponding legal questions of purchasing. You will receive a wealth of suggestions for effective wording and legally proven clauses. Exercises will give you the confidence you need to survive negotiations.


Purchasing managers and employees from the areas of purchasing and materials management as well as all those who deal with legal issues in purchasing and are responsible for concluding contracts.

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