Kurs Patton SmartNode Certification Training Syllabus - Seminar / Kurs von ADN Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH


Kurs Patton SmartNode Certification Training Syllabus Be ready to converge with the SmartNode™ technical certification course.Based on SmartWare™ Release 5.X, this course provides the in-depth knowledge you need to install, configure and support the complete line of SmartNode™ VoIP products for data, voice, and telephony applications. The course covers theory and implementation, including detailed training on SIP, TCP/IP, NAT, ACL, QOS, network planning, configuration, and troubleshooting. Hands-on activities cover network analysis, VoIP application assessment, and VoIP troubleshooting with live end-to-end calls with real SmartNode™ devices. Inhalte:Overview, concepts and configuration basicsVoIP fundamentals and codec selection VoIP ApplicationsHardware and software features Telnet, console, TFTP, SSH General debug recommendations Upgrading software and configurations Basic network connectivity Basic routing DNS, DNS relay, and DynDNS DHCP client and serverEnhanced IP configuration and call routingDHCP client and server NAPT and ACL for security Quality of service Gateway SIP Context CS overview Call router interfaces Call routing and number manipulationEnhanced call router and PSTN port configuration.Certification Call routing and number manipulation Tone provisioning Port configuration Certification exam: 1:00-5:00PM (4hours)

Veranstaltungsdauer 3 TageVeranstaltungszeit 1. Tag: 09.30 Uhr bis ca. 17.00 UhrVeranstaltungszeit 2.-3. Tag: 09.00 Uhr bis ca. 17.00 UhrSeminargebühr pro Teilnehmer inkl. Schulungsunterlagen.

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Anbieter-Seminar-Nr.: 9901460001

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