Kurs Dell SonicWall Network Security Advanced Administration (inkl. NSA 220) - Seminar / Kurs von ADN Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH


Kurs Dell SonicWall Network Security Advanced Administration Course Description:The Network Security Advanced Administration (NS-201) Course builds on the skills learned in Dell SonicWALLs Network Security Basic Administration (NS-101) Course and teaches the student the latest information on Application Control, Bandwidth Management, troubleshooting, advanced networking and more.  This course uses extensive labs to reinforce key concepts covered during the lecture portion of the class.  This course requires the prior completion of an E-Learning and the NS-101 courses (or equivalent). This Course is NOT a substitute for the Prerequisite courses. Prerequisite skills and knowledge are required – the first lab exercise is based on prerequisite knowledge and begins without formal instruction (see below for prerequisite details)  The NS-201 course culminates with the CSSP Certification exam for SonicOS. While this exam is not a part of the class, you will have access to it on-line via your personal work MySonicWALL Account. Table of Contents:Section 1:- Course Introduction  Section 2:- SonicOS Trouble-shooting Tools- Troubleshooting Overview- System Backup & Restore- Diagnostic Tools- Packet Capture- Logs- Third Party Tools- Hands-on Lab  Section 3:-Advanced Networking- Advanced Routing- RF-DPI- DPI-SSL  Section 4:- Network Monitoring and Optimization- Application Intelligence- Application Control- Bandwidth Management- Content Filtering Services via App Rules- WXA- Hands-on Lab  Section 5:- Advanced HA and Wire Mode- Advanced High Availability- Active/Passive vs Active/Active- A/A Cluster- HA Configuration- Wire Mode- Tap Deployment- Inline Deployments- Best Practices and Troubleshooting  Section 6:- Virtual Assist- Hands-on Lab  Audience:System Engineers, Channel Partners, Service Partners, End Users Prerequisites:An Active CSSA Certification in SonicOS.General networking knowledge and experience:- Extensive knowledge of networking concepts, network topologies, and the OSI model of networking protocol stacks- Understanding of TCP/IP, network addressing, subnets, and Network Address Translation (NAT) - eLearning  Advanced Networking and Security with SonicOS (About Eight Hours)This 8 module online training was designed by industry leading networking experts to utilize advanced features of SonicWALLs UTM products. Most modules consist of three parts:- A lecture portion that deals with the theory involved with a specific subject.- A demonstration on how to configure the feature using SonicOS.- An end-of-module quiz preparing you for taking the comprehensive end-of course quiz. Periodically the student will be provided with the opportunity to prove their mastery of previous subjects through a series of built-in quizzes.    

Veranstaltungsdauer: 2 TageVeranstaltungszeit 1.Tag: 08:30 Uhr bis ca. 17:30 UhrVeranstaltungszeit 2.Tag: 08:00 Uhr bis ca. 17.00 UhrSeminargebühr pro Teilnehmer inkl. Schulungsunterlagen, einer NSA 220 (1 Jahr TotalSecure) und einem Voucher für das Examen NSAA 201 A.

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Anbieter-Seminar-Nr.: 9901150020

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