IBM F288G - IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.1: Administration - Seminar / Kurs von PROKODA GmbH

P8 terminology, including: Content Platform Engine, IBM Content Navigator, object stores, objects, Content Services, Process Services. - Using IBM Content Navigator to work with content.


Introduction: - Identify components, features, and common use cases for IBM FileNet Component Manager.

- Find the core web applications that make up IBM FileNet Content Manager.

- Use Administration Console for Content Platform Engine (ACCE) to find properties within the Global Configuration database.

- Use ACCE to find folders, classes, and property templates in an object store.

Build a FileNet P8 Repository:

- Use System Configuration Tool to create JDBC data sources for an object store.

- Create an object store.

- Add the object store as a repository to IBM Content Navigator.

- Identify types of content storage areas.

- Create a file storage area.

- Create a file storage policy.

Work with object metadata:

- Create a document class.

- Create a folder class.

- Create property templates.

- Create choice lists.

- Modify classes, properties, choice lists.

- Create an event subscription with an action.

- Update an existing event subscription with a new code module.

- Use a workflow subscription.


- Resolve logon failures

- Verify object store access

- Change security on a document

- Change the owner of a document

- Customize document access

- Configure object store security

- Configure class and property security

- Configure security inheritance

Optimize search Performance:

- Configure a text search server

- Select a Property for an Index Partition.

- Configure a String Index Partition.

- Configure a Date Index Partition.

- Configure Content Based Retrieval

- Configure an Index Area

- Check Indexing Logs

- Reindex

- Optimize CBR queries

- Perform searches with bulk actions.

- Perform a batch action.

Migrate applications:

- Describe the process of moving FileNet P8 applications between environments.

- Plan and prepare for application migration.

- Export the application assets.

- Convert the assets for import.

- Analyze the impact of the import to the destination environment.

- Import the application assets into the destination environment.

- Automate FileNet P8 asset migration with the FileNet Deployment Manager command line interface.

Manage sweep Jobs:

- Move documents from one storage area to another with a Bulk Move Content Job.

- Configure a disposal policy.

- Configure a content migration policy.

Auditing and logging:

- Monitor system logs

- Enable/disable trace logging for troubleshooting

- Create audit definitions

- View audit entries

- Prune audit entries


This course is intended for system administrators.

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