Group dynamics - Seminar / Kurs von Team Dr. Rosenkranz GmbH

Using the learining and power of the group


We have been running group dynamics workshops formanagers for 40 years. The principle of sharing guidedexperience in the group is the basis for enabling leadersto discover their own competence. Course members learnto use the advantage of group work through their ownaction or inaction. They develop awareness of differentfunctions within the team and how they can use theirpersonal power to enhance work processes. For many, thisexperience forms an essential part of their own emotionaldevelopment.


Training methods

• Experience of self within the group, with feedbackfrom others• Sociogramme, role playing, microteaching• Exercises in relaxation and visualisation• Reflection of one’s immediate experience throughtheoretical models and inputs



• You will learn to perceive, analyse and influenceprocesses within the group• You will develop yourself perception through feedbackfrom others• You will reflect your own style of leadership and be giventhe opportunity to experiment with new ways of behaving.In this way you can improve your personal style.• You will learn to steer yourself and others in a mannerappropriate to the situation.



• You will communicate clearly, directly and self-confidently• You will develop influence and create trust• Y ou will heighten your emotional competences andtake on leadership responsibilities• You will broaden your repertoire of leadershipinterventions• You will influence the dynamics within a team• You will initiate and manage feedback processes• You will acquire tools for steering and guiding feedbackprocesses

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