German patent infringement litigation proceedings - Seminar / Kurs von AH Akademie für Fortbildung Heidelberg GmbH


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  • Strategic aspects
  • Prejudicial aspects
  • Patent infringement litigation
  • Update, discussion, networking

The German patent infringement litigation system enjoys an outstanding reputation not only within the European patent community but also worldwide. Due to this reputation, many international patent infringement cases are litigated before German Patent Courts.

This seminar will give any practitioner unfamiliar with the German patent infringement litigation system an in-depth understanding of its principles and structures. Experts from private practice and industry, as well as a prestigious representative from the German Federal Court of Justice will provide an insight into all aspects of patent infringement litigation from the preparation until the enforcement of the final decision. The participants will gain insight into the strategic and prejudicial considerations of the parties involved in a patent infringement conflict. Our experts will grant a comprehensive and detailed presentation of the German litigation system, especially the bifurcated infringement and validity proceedings in Germany or differing regional customs before Germany‘s most frequented patent infringement courts.

The participants will have the opportunity to raise questions and discuss their views with our renowned experts and with colleagues from different countries and industries worldwide.


Members of Corporate Patent, IP and R&D departments
  • Inhouse legal counsels
  • Patent attorneys
  • Professional representatives before the EPO
  • IPR attorneys and external counsels
You will meet colleagues from different countries and will be able to network and profit from their experience and perspective.

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