German Labour and Employment Law - Seminar / Kurs von Management Circle AG

Legal training for Executives and HR-Managers


Relations between German employers and employees are extensively regulated under German labor and employment law. German labor and employment law is strongly biased in favour of employees and is probably best referred to as the „employee protection law”. Foreign companies not experienced in German labor and employment need to be aware of all legal requirements for staff employed in Germany. It must be assured for the staff that their employment terms comply with all legal requirements and that these terms serve the objectives of the new company. Thus, it is important to know the applicable labor and employment statutes. The seminar „German Labour and Employment Law” gives you a better understanding of the important facts concerning German labour law. The content is presented in English and includes theoretical background as well as case studies. Typical questions are:

  • Which legal issues should you consider in the recruiting process?
  • How can you control work performance and, if necessary, caution employees?
  • What is important in case of employee dismissals?
  • What are the rights of a works council and what are your obligations as employer?

As an executive and HR-Manager, who is responsible for personnel decisions or as staff of the personnel department you often come across questions related to German labour law. But being a manager with international background you might not always be familiar with German laws and regulations in this area. This seminar provides you with all important aspects of German labour law that you have to consider in your daily work. Our experts improve your awareness of critical legal issues in personnel decisions in order to avoid compensation claims or other legal measures against you and your company. Take advantage of the practical experience and theoretical knowledge of our experts in that field. They are German attorneys at law who deal with legal questions in the personnel department every day and operate in an international environment.


This seminar is directed to English speaking members of the board of directors, executives, HR-managers, staff from the personnel departments or the legal departments as well as other employees with personnel responsibilities, who come from an international background and have to deal with issues of German labour law.

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