German Labour Law & Works Constitution Law (2021) - Special seminar for expatriate managers working in Germany - Seminar / Kurs von Lehre und Dozentur Gernhuber

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  • Principles of German Employment Law
  • The role of employment law within the legal system in Germany
  • The hierarchy of German employment law
  • Individual Labour LawDiscrimination-free recruitment process
    • The basis of any employment and the employment contract
    • Employee or freelance worker?
    • The specific situation of agency workers
    • Fixed term employment
    • Rights and duties of employees and employer
    • Supervisor’s right to give directions: empowerment and delegation
    • Disciplining process
    • Termination process: notice period, authorization, letter of reference
  • Rights and Obligations Ensuing from the Employment RelationshipAnti-discrimination legislation and jurisprudence
    • Part time employment
    • Working hours as per collective agreement and hours of work act
    • Holiday entitlement and holiday schedule as per Federal Vacation Act
    • Data protection, data security and monitoring: internet and email use by employees
    • Employee issues during the course of the due diligence exercise
    • Maternity leave and parental leave
    • Nursing care
  •  works council lawBetriebsrat involvement: role, tasks and rights of the works council


Relations between German employers and employees are extensively regulated under German labor and employment law. German labour and employment law is strongly biased in favour of employees and is probably best referred to as the „employee protection law”.  Foreign companies not experienced in German labour and employment need to be aware of all legal requirements for staff employed in Germany. It must be assured for the staff that their employment terms comply with all legal requirements and that these terms serve the objectives of the new company. Thus, it is important to know the applicable labour and employment statutes.

  • In-depth knowledge for job vacancies, application procedure and employmentRight of participation and codetermination of employee representatives
  • Learn the basic rules and legal framework for employment in GermanyWhat do the most important labour law statutes in Germany say?
  • How can I carry through individual dismissals or staff reductions?Special protection against dismissal
  • Low performance of my employees – which legal measures can I take in Germany?Remedy for insufficient performance
  • How do I carry out HR-projects such as reorganization or restructuring?Knowing the rights of employee representatives and therefore avoiding project delays

You benefit from:

  • Up-to-date recommendations
  • Current case law
  • Sample formulations and examples

Take advantage of:

  • Top-experts of Labour & Employment Law
  • Theoretical background and practical advice
  • Including case law and examples of wording


This seminar is directed to English speaking members of the board of directors, executives, HR-managers, staff from the personnel departments or the legal departments as well asother employees with personnel responsibilities, who come from an international background and have to deal with issues of German labour law.

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