European Banking Regulation with German particularities - Seminar / Kurs von Frankfurt School of Finance & Management gGmbH


Interactive seminar, discussions, moderation, group work.
  • Introduction and Seminar Objectives
    • European Banking Passport
  • The new European Banking Regulation
    • Why do regulators regulate banks?
    • Structure (Supervisors, Regulators, CRR, CRD, MaRisk)
    • Who is the European regulator/SSM-structure?
  • Risk regulation
    • 3 Pillar approach
    • European vs. national provisions
    • Basel IV
    • Capital ratios and their business impact
  • SREP – Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process
    • Process overview
    • 44er inspections
    • Outcome: higher capital requirements
    • Assessment criteria
  • Latest supervisory credit risk initiatives
    • Review of internal models (IRBA)
    • Default definition
    • Impairments


Obtain a quick, but concise overview of how European regulation is organised, who are the important players and what are the most important requirements. After the seminar, attendees will be knowledgeable about the current rules and upcoming important changes in regulation. Due to its compactness, the seminar is also suitable as a regulatory brush-up for executive and non-executive board members. 


Non-Europeans that need a comprehensive and concise overview on European banking regulation. Typically, these are key personal from Risk, Internal audit, Finance, Regulatory reporting, consultants, central bankers. This also includes senior management that has been seconded from the non-European headquarter of a banking group to its EU-branch/subsidiary. Europeans that have lost track during the last 10 years of the numerouses regulatory initiatives and that need a quick refresh how regulation is organised now. 

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Anbieter-Seminar-Nr.: SUP-OGBR_19

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