Data protection for business practice in germany - Seminar / Kurs von Lehre und Dozentur Gernhuber

Protect your Companies through legally compliant data protection !


Current TopicsCloud Computing in the enterpriseBring-Your-Own-Device-ProgramsReform of employment data protectionNew decisions of the ECJ, BVerfG and BAG Employee data protectionFundamentals (sources, terms and basic principles as well as special features of data protection in the employment relationship)Data protection phases in the employment relationship Initiation (job interview, background screening, AGG)Application of § 26 BDSG n.F. and the DSGVODrafting of employment contracts and informationImplementation (electronic personnel file and personnel questionnaires)Code of Conduct and WhistleblowingMonitoring in the employment relationshipVideo surveillance, positioning (GPS), use of TC servicesScreening of e-mailsTelecommunications secrecy in the ArbV?Employee consent and voluntarinessChange processes in the employment relationship Termination (storage periods and post-contractual information)Consequences of unlawful surveillanceProhibition on the use of evidence for evidence not admissible under data protection lawEmployee data in the groupNational and international transfers of employee dataInternational HR databasesMatrix organizations and international succession planningData protection and co-determination Data protection and co-determination relationshipindustrial constitution lawTasks of the works councilCompany agreement as a design factorLimits of co-determinationdata security engineerAppointment, dismissal and dutiesConsequences of unlawful surveillanceMain features of the EU-DSGVOTranslated with


Data protection plays an important but often misunderstood role in the employment relationship. Who is the addressee of data protection obligations? Which data can and may be collected? What rights do employers, employees and works councils have? In this seminar you will receive answers to all burning questions about data protection at the workplace.


Lawyers, in-house lawyers, heads and employees of human resources departments, data protection officers, works councils

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