Data Protection Officer - CDPO (GDPR Compliance) (3 days) - Seminar / Kurs von Lehre und Dozentur Gernhuber

Getting ready for Europe’s new data protection rules ! Now also bookable as online webinar- prices & dates on request !


GDPR Essentials

  • Course objective and structure
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Data Protection overview
  • Key concepts
  • Gap analysis
  • Scope and goals
  • Risk Assessment under the GDPR

Determine Readiness

  • Challenges and issues
  • Preparing for the GDPR
  • Right’s to the data subject
  • Roles of controllers and processors
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Data Protection Officer and processing activities

Implementation & Compliance

  • Data mapping plan
  • GDPR requirements for Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Information security approaches
  • Business continuity

Remaining Compliant

  • Incident management
  • Remedies, liabilities and penalties
  • Data protection authorities
  • Personal data transfer to third parties
  • Codes of conduct and certification
  • Closing the training


Become a Data Protection Officer in just 3 days with accelerated data protection officer training from LDG. Get your Data Protection Officer qualification at twice the speed .

On this Data Protection Officer course, you’ll build the skills you need to implement and manage a compliance framework aligned to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This accelerated three-day course will also prepare you for the role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Learn how to adapt your organisation to become GDPR-compliant and implement privacy policies, procedures, working instructions, consent forms and data protection impact assessments.

Key learning objectives for your accelerated Data Protection Officer training are:

  • Building your knowledge of personal data protection history in Europe
  • Developing an in-depth knowledge of approaches and concepts required in effective alignment with GDPR
  • Understanding the new requirements brought by the GDPR for EU and non-EU organisations and when to implement them
  • Learning the skills to support an organisation in implementation and assessment of these new requirements
  • Learning how you manage a team implementing the GDPR
  • Developing the knowledge and skills required to advise your organisation in managing personal data
  • Gaining analysis and decision making expertise in the context of personal data protection

GDPR applies to organisations within the EU, as well as all those that handle personal data of EU citizens. There is now a legal requirement that organisations with more than 200 staff employ a full-time Data Protection Officer.

Cut the risk of prosecution in the event of a data breach - breaches of EU regulations by multinationals could result in fines of £20 million or 4% of worldwide gross turnover.


This accelerated Data Protection Officer course is ideal for who come from an international background and have to deal with issues data protection in germany. :

  • Data Protection Officers or those involved in data protection and data privacy
  • Members of information security, incident management or business continuity teams
  • Expert advisors in personal data security
  • Technical or compliance experts preparing for a Data Protection Officer role

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