Customer specific requirements in the automotive industry (CSR) - Inhouse - Seminar / Kurs von MP-BusinessManagement GmbH


Customer specific requirements are interpretations or supplementary requirements in connection with certain chapters of IATF 16949, such as manufacturing capabilities, warranty management, temporary changes in process controls, preparation of a control plan or application of problem-solving methods.

Compliance with these specifications is intended to ensure a smooth product development process and series delivery in the interests of the customer. Recognizing, interpreting and implementing these customer-specific requirements thus form the elementary and indispensable basis of business relationships.

This practice-oriented training gives you a compact overview of the supplementary requirements of your customers' management systems. After attending the training, you will be able to assess these requirements with regard to their appropriateness and feasibility.

The aim is to make the customer-specific requirements known in the supply chain and to integrate them into the existing quality management system. During the training you will learn how to handle customer-specific requirements and, as a customer, how to create customer-specific requirements for your suppliers.


The training includes selected international and German OEMs based on the published content of the IATF.


Other customer specific requirements, e.g. from the supply chain, can also be included on request.



  •       Structure and content of customer specific requirements on the      basis of ISO 9001:2015 / IATF 16949
  •       PDCA-Cycle
  •       Sanctioned Interpretation (SIs)
  •       Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  •       Contents of selected customer-specific requirements
  •       Creation of customer-specific requirements based on the VDA      Standard
  •       Examples for monitoring and evaluating of customer-specific      requirements  


All employees and functions who are confronted with customer-specific requirements in practice on a daily basis as well as process managers who are/will be entrusted with the task of integrating customer specific requirements into process descriptions for a functioning QM system.

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