Controlling for Non-Controllers - Seminar / Kurs von CA controller akademie


We begin the seminar with the fundamental importance of controlling in order to recognise the role of the controller as a business partner of management and to shape the cooperation between other functional departments and controlling. When doing so you will also learn about the dependencies and overlaps between accounting and controlling. You will learn more about the core functions and terminology of accounting, ranging from accounts receivables and accounts payable through to property, plant and equipment. Terms such as revenue, general ledger, depreciation and cash flow will be explained, too. You will gain an insight into the creation of profit and loss planning, financial planning, cash flow statements and the balance sheet, and your role in each of these activities. When do so you will furthermore develop an understanding of the basics of cost accounting (profit, service and cost centers, types of costs, internal charging and allocations). This will include a review of the difference between full cost accounting and marginal costing, and how to recognise the economic consequences of each. Important controlling tools will be explained as well, including budgets, monthly reports, variance analysis and forecasts. You will also learn how to classify projects and business orders, and to differentiate and apply economic efficiency calculations and investment analysis so that you have a good understanding how to calculate a company’s minimum profit. This will include understanding product costing, management result accounting and the income statement (direct and indirect costs, cost allocation, mark-ups, pricing), as well as the difference between calculatory (imputed) depreciation, interest from book depreciation and interest. We will conclude the seminar by reviewing the steering potential of service-based internal charging versus cost allocations and covering the meaning and significance of key performance indicators (KPIs).

The seminars are held in the city centre at hotels that are easily accessible via public transportation. Lunch is included in the price. There are no lodging costs if you decide to stay elsewhere. Rooms will be reserved for you in the seminar hotel and can be booked directly with the hotel until about four weeks prior to the seminar.


This seminar provides an overview of the necessary knowledge and related methods to steer departments / cost centers. It will introduce you to the world of controlling and the relevant terminology. You will gain an understanding of what controlling support means, which tools controllers use and how these can also be applied or implemented by you. You will achieve a fundamental understanding of the tasks, competencies and responsibilities of controllers (management accountants).


Non-financial employees, Non-controllers, Management assistants, Assistants and functional specialists from different company departments, Employees in the accounting department

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