CMA® All Inclusive Package - Seminar / Kurs von CA controller akademie


Hybrid training courses format The hybrid tutorials allow each participant to choose the training format best suited to their needs and combine the advantages of classroom and online training. Online and classroom participants meet in the seminar room and work together on the seminar content with a high degree of interaction.

Overview Contents of CMA® Exam Part 1 and Part 2 Review of the CMA® Learning Outcome Statements

Part 1 – Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

A. External Financial Reporting Decisions A.1 Financial statements A.2 Recognition, measurement, valuation, and disclosure

B. Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting B.1 Strategic planning B.2 Budgeting concepts B.3 Forecasting techniques B.4 Budgeting methodologies B.5 Annual profit plan and supporting schedules B.6 Top-level planning and analysis

C. Performance Management C.1 Cost and variance measures C.2 Responsibility centers and reporting segments C. 3 Performance measures

D. Cost Management D.1 Measurement concepts D.2 Costing systems D.3 Overhead costs D.4 Supply Chain Management D.5 Business process improvement

E. Internal Controls E.1 Governance, risk, and compliance E.2 Systems controls and security measures

F. Technology and Analytics F.1 Information systems F.2 Data governance F.3 Technology-enabled finance transformation F.4 Data analytics

Conclusion Miscellaneous topics including taking the exam. Answering individual questions.

Part 2 – Strategic Financial Management

A. Financial Statement Analysis A.1 Basic Financial Statement Analysis A.2 Financial Ratios A.3 Profitability analysis A.4 Special issues

B. Corporate Finance B.1 Risk and return B.2 Long-term financial management B.3 Raising capital B.4 Working capital management B.5 Corporate restructuring B.6 International finance

C. Decision Analysis C.1 Cost/volume/profit analysis C.2 Marginal analysis C.3 Pricing

D. Risk Management D.1 Enterprise risk

E. Investment Decisions E.1 Capital budgeting process E.2 Capital investment analysis methods

F. Professional Ethics F.1 Business ethics F.2 Ethical considerations for management accounting and financial management professionals F.3 Ethical considerations for the organization

Conclusion Miscellaneous topics including taking the exam. Answering individual questions.


The students will be exposed to the US specific topics which are different to the European approach and relevant for the CMA® exam. They will have reviewed the CMA® learning outcome statements and will be familiarized to the contents of the CMA®. They will have reviewed these statements and reflected their existing knowledge. This exposure will enable them to sit for the CMA® exam immediately, or, if appropriate, target their further learning efforts more effectively.


Financial professionals with an education and/or experience in finance and controlling who are working or plan to work in an international business environment. The CMA today is basically a common prerequisite for controlling obligations in globally active companies outside of Europe. Obtaining this widely recognized global accounting certification for corporate finance professionals will enable you to deliver value in today's complex business environment.

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Frankfurt am Main, DE
03.05.2021 - 05.05.2021 25 h Jetzt buchen ›

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  • 03.05.2021 - 05.05.2021

    Frankfurt am Main, DE

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Datum Dauer Preis
Frankfurt am Main, DE
03.05.2021 - 05.05.2021 25 h Jetzt buchen ›