Business Training Online Marketing Management - Seminar / Kurs von Institut für Verkauf und Marketing, IVM

How nice it is to arrive in the office in the morning and find that your customer is already there. In this seminar / workshop you will find out how to make this a reality.


What is the main task of a marketing manager? To generate leads, qualify leads and convert leads into customers. We have limited resources to achieve this (time, money and technology). You have to optimize marketing activities while working within a fixed budget.

Day 1: (8 hours)

  • Relations between company targets and marketing targets
  • Definition and management of leads
  • Possibilities of lead qualification (online/offline)
  • Creation of a responsibility matrix for a specific area of responsibility, marketing and sales
  • Applying strategies to achieve goals
  • Reaching a goal depends on a certain quantity of leads
  • Average turnover and lead conversion quotas can have a financial advantage for the marketing department
  • Recognizing targets and managing them in a sustainable way

Day 2: (8 hours)

  • Differentiation: short and long-term success factors
  • Social media, Xing, Facebook, etc.
  • Google ad words and optimization possibilities according to area, campaign, investment and time period
  • Meaningful and goal-oriented email marketing according to type of existing customer, lead, or no-longer active client
  • Display advertisement
  • Types of trade and cooperation in online marketing
  • Search machine optimization (SEO)
  • Search machine marketing (SEM)
  • Content management, CMS
  • Content management system, CMS
  • Web content management (advantages, disadvantages, uses)
  • User interactions (social media, blogs, etc.)

Day 3: (4 hours)

  • Workshop with individual tasks related to case studies from your company, or alternatively, a case study from the trainer team
  • The coaching is done by two trainers experienced in marketing management and online marketing management


  • How to think and act from the standpoint of an employer
  • The efficient management of your marketing resources
  • Recognizing and setting priorities
  • Working out maximum-use combinations and developing them strategically


  • Online market managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Communication specialists
  • Promotion experts
  • Internet experts
  • Employers
  • Founders of new businesses

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