Bringing Technology to Market - Seminar / Kurs von ESMT Berlin - European School of Management and Technology GmbH

An exclusive program for executives in global B2B markets.


Global markets are turbulent and their competitive landscapes are continually changing. New customer segments, low-cost competitors, new technologies, and innovative business models demand that suppliers adjust their market approaches to changing conditions.

Similarly, managers responsible for a product and/or region have to know how to tailor services and product offerings to profit from these developments. They have to generate competitive market strategies and establish the means for their implementation. This includes gaining support within their corporations and motivating their teams to excel in the global environment.

Our program Bringing Technology to Market (BTM) has been designed to provide you, as a manager in technology-driven B2B markets, with the knowledge and concepts you need to develop growth plans and mitigate risk. Responding to the demands of the global business world, the three program modules will host an international group of participants and be run in the three major business regions: the United States, China, and Europe.

Key topics

Tackling low-cost competition in global B2B markets - Developing innovative business models - Turning complex services into a profitable business - Developing market-based controlling systems - Optimizing decision making in sales and marketing processes - Negotiating sales success - Achieving sales excellence through leadership - Handling different cultural and political frameworks - Understanding the current drivers of market-oriented management

Dates in 2021

 Modul 11. - 4. Juni 20214 daysLocation BerlinModul 27. - 10. September 20214 daysLocation Charlottesville, USAModul 39. - 12. November 20214 daysLocation Beijing, P.R. China


Who should attend?

You will profit from this program if you are in a leading position in a technology-driven, globally active B2B company and responsible for generating business.The BTM program assembles an international group of senior managers who share similar expertise and business environments. They all come from industrial companies that are active in global markets.

"Several years ago, BTM provided me with insights and concepts that have been highly valuable for improving my business and very beneficial for the development of my career. Today, Siemens India delegates top sales executives and general managers to this program each year so that they, too, may benefit from this exceptional experience."

Sunil Matur, CEO of Siemens India

"For someone working in a globally active company, enrolling in the BTM program was one of the best learning decisions I have made in my life. We analyzed the steps companies go through during their transition into a truly global organization and discussed methods of how to deal with the challenges and issues involved. On top of that, we all had the rare opportunity to discuss our findings with faculty and peers from all over the world."

Xing Chao Chen, Deputy Managing Director, ZPMC Germany GmbH


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Termine und Orte

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Berlin, DE
07.09.2021 - 25.02.2022 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr 40 h Jetzt buchen ›

SG-Seminar-Nr.: 1709794


  • 07.09.2021 - 25.02.2022

    Berlin, DE

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Datum Uhrzeit Dauer Preis
Berlin, DE
07.09.2021 - 25.02.2022 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr 40 h Jetzt buchen ›