Aligning Project Management with Organisational Strategy - Seminar / Kurs von TwentyEighty Strategy Execution (Germany) GmbH

Ensure your project has credibility by aligning it with your organisational goals

Today’s business climate is characterised by unprecedented changes in technology and globalisation, as well as by complex business relationships and the unrelenting drive for success. In this highly competitive environment, it is essential for project managers to think and act strategically. How does an organisation formulate a strategy to achieve competitive success? How do projects contribute to the implementation of the organisation’s strategy? How should a project manager develop a project strategy? Aligning Project Management with Organisational Strategy gives you an in-depth analysis of the aligning process, from business strategy formation to portfolio development. Learn how to link your project to corporate strategy, apply and maintain alignment of the project strategy, and manage the expectations of stakeholders and project heavyweights. Thought-provoking discussions and stimulating exercises highlight this dynamic, timely course.


Organisational Strategy in Context -Strategy defined -Strategy as a way to achieve organisational success -Paradigm shifts and their impact – how change influences strategy -Forces for business change -The impact of organisational constraints on strategy Organisational Strategy: Approaches and Techniques -Strategy as a key to organisational success -Elements of a successful strategy -The relationship between strategy and achievability -Strategy assessments -Classic approaches and techniques for level-setting strategic thinking -Towards setting up a culture of strategic thinking Portfolio Management: Strategic Context -Defining a portfolio -Identifying projects included in a portfolio -The impact of portfolio management on strategy -Challenges and benefits of portfolio management -Influential roles in portfolio management Portfolio Set-up and Maintenance -Setting up a successful project portfolio -Organisational influences of portfolios -Generating potential portfolio projects -Steps in selecting portfolio projects -Integrating new projects into an existing portfolio -Project performance and project gateway reviews -The project filtering process Strategic Project Management -Strategic vs. classic project management -Aligning projects with strategy -The role of the project team -The importance of managing change that affects strategic projects -Anticipating and managing stakeholder expectations and resistance


You will learn to: -Understand and support top-level strategy formulation -Link organisational strategy from business strategy to portfolio development and project implementation -Ensure project credibility by aligning your project with your organisation’s goals, objectives and strategies -Create and implement an appropriate strategy for your project -Understand the need to communicate your strategy to the project team, the customer, and other project stakeholders -Manage stakeholder expectations to maintain portfolio/project alignment


This course is perfect for: -Exploring how and why organisational decisions are made -Aligning your projects to the overall business strategy

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