A11: Excellent Presenting - Rhetorik- und Präsentationstraining auf Englisch - Seminar / Kurs von INFLOW - Presentation Trend Academy



Linguistic Challenges

  • ARE you sometimes missing the vocabulary to express yourself clearly and precisely?
  • WOULD you like more confidence and fluency when speaking?
  • DO you sometimes have difficulty understanding and controlling foreign speakers?
  • ARE you sometimes making typical German-to-English translation mistakes?

This intensive 2-day training shows you how to

  • Build powerful professional vocabulary
  • Speak English naturally and comfortably
  • Control conversations and get the information you want
  • Avoid the typical English mistakes made by German speakers

As you know, these 4 points hold the key be being able to speak confidently. The goal of the course is to help you to feel comfortable when you speak to international business clients and your internal customers.



  • Short “mini-inputs” by John Doorbar (M.A. University of Oxford) with practical and memorable take-home messages
  • Lots of practice over you 2-day training - At least 5 chances to practise using exercises and short mini-sections of your own business presentations
  • Honest, open and practical professional feedback to improve your presenting
  • Positive, open atmosphere to ensure fast and effective learning


In your EXCELLENT PRESENTING you will learn about and practise:

  • A great start - what to say at the start and how to do this in English
  • The best English words you need to structure your presentation
  • Latest trends and research in modern slide design
  • How to describe visuals interestingly in English
  • When you do not understand – How to react if you cannot understand a question
  • How to give examples and tell stories in English to bring your talk alive
  • A memorable ending in simple effective English
  • Fascination and psychological research findings which show how the greatest speakers influence their audience


Managing Director, Human Resource Manager, Research Director,Research Group Leader, Speaker, Trainer

SG-Seminar-Nr.: 5157724

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