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English language in inspections and audits - Get your Pharma-English up to standard - Communication in difficult situations - Business meetings in English language


Professional handling of Pharma-English esp. in audits and inspections

Good knowledge about English language is more and more important in leading functions in the pharmaceutical industry. Literature, guidelines, information from or to foreign authorities and/or partners are mostly written in English. The biggest challenge still is the face to face communication with external visitors, auditors and inspectors. You will learn how to welcome guests in your organization. You will also improve your knowledge to better understand and answer questions in English language.

The seminar concentrates on how to use spoken English in various difficult situations and how to avoid misunderstandings. You will have the opportunity to give a short presentation yourself about a non-confidential aspect of your business.

Dieses Seminar ist ein Pflichtmodul im Rahmen des GQP-Kontaktstudiums.


  • Introduction to communication in audits and inspections
  • Short presentations by participants
  • Discussion what was difficult and why?
  • Common mistakes in English and how to avoid them
  • Case studies in inspections and audits, general GMP or other business situations
  • Practise using English in specific situations
ReferentenDr. Linda B Hakes, UCB Biosciences GmbH


All employees who have to communicate about pharmaceutical processes, Personnel working e.g. in Quality Units, Production, Logistics, IT, Material Management, Regulatory Affairs, Business Development

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