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Three buzzwords are changing the entire automotive industry rapidly: AI, autonomous cars and Deep Learning. Autonomous driving became possible by recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence technologies such as Deep Learning and intelligent assistants. From IBM Watson’s partnership with the General Motor OnStar platform to Toyota’s $1 billion investment in AI-based self-driving technology, the marriage of AI with automotive technology has surely been consummated. It seems that every stakeholder in the automotive industry is looking for a way to capitalize on recent advances in AI technology.

This International Conference is the first one in Europe and aims to bring together key player of the automotive and semiconductor industry. We will look at artificial intelligence automotive industry trends to see what factors are driving this explosive new market. The goal of this conference is to create an insight into the outstanding development of AI in automotive and to provide an outlook of what is going to happen next.

Dring this Conference you will learn why Artificial Intelligence is viewed as game changer in the automotive industry. What are the opportunities and requirements for the application of AI? What are new business models driven by cognitive technologies and why is Deep Learning revolutionizing autonomous driving? Get answers and outlookson these and other faszinating questions first hand.

Besides a top line-up of speakers from BMW, Daimler, Audi Electronics Venture, NVIDIA, Uber, Robert Bosch and many more you will receive up-to-date presentations and you have a great chance of interaction with speakers and audience throughout the whole conference.

Do not miss the first European conference about Artificial Intelligence Automotive. Be a first mover – register now!

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