Global Female Leader Sumit 2015 - Kongress / Konferenz von Management Circle AG


Key issues for 2015 include:Global Economic Outlook - Growth Amid Geopolitical Tensions?Close-up on Success - Game Changers share their StoriesOrganisational Agility through Diversity Management - Have We learned the Lesson?Innovation Management 3.0 - Tracking, Pushing and Implementing InnovationThe Leadership Challenge: The Role of Female Leaders in Restoring CredibilityThe Next Generation - Leadership Insights from Young EntrepreneursTech Trends to Watch - Opportunities and ImplicationsThe Global Energy Agenda: Challenges We FaceE-Learning and Online Education: Unlocking the PotentialEmerging Markets: The Next Frontier!Consumer Behavior in China - Trends that Will Shake MarketsOur Medical Future: Challenges for the Millennium Workplace 2020: Reshaping the World of WorkDevelopments in Africa - What lies Ahead?Meet the "Mittelstand" - The Backbone of the German Economy


* Simonetta di Pippo, Director, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, Italy*Helena Morrissey, CEO, Newton Investment Management and 30% Club founder, UK* Corinne Vigreux, Founder and COO, TomTom N.V., Netherlands*Tracey Joubert, CFO, MillerCoors, USA* Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf, CBE, 686th Lord Mayor of London (2013-14), UK* Deborah Lorenzen, Chief Operating Officer BK University, BNY Mellon, USA* Xiao Xue, Chief Editor, Elle China* Doris Albiez, General Manager and Vice President, Dell Germany, Germany* Burcu Geris, CFO, TAV Airports Holding, Turkey* Jie Jane Sun, COO, International Ltd., China* Angellah Kairuki, Deputy Minister for Constitutional and Legal Affairs of the Republic of Tanzania, Tanzania* Chris Faulkner, Founder, President and CEO, Breitling Energy Corporation, USA* Alessandra Franca, Director, Banque de Microcredit Perola, Brazil* Edith Weymayr, President, Commerzbank Asia Pacific, China* Muza Monams, COO, Bauer Media Group, Russia



High-achieving leaders from all over the world.

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