Exchange Summit 2015 - Kongress / Konferenz von Vereon AG

Driving the road from E-Invoicing to Supply Chain Financing


Taken as a whole, E-Invoicing has already become an important topic for the majority of companies around the world and is being implemented at a very fast pace in order for organisations to benefit from significant cost savings and to enhance compliance. Taking into account this global roll-out, the market still demands for a platform to exchange best practices, new ideas and opinions on E-Invoicing as well as topics that go beyond. The evolution now directs us to innovative solutions as for instance Dynamic Discounting and Reverse Factoring as well as important topics ranging from Compliance and Interoperability over full AP/AR process automation towards a real-time economy.



  • Latest developments in E-Invoicing from a corporate and Governmental perspective
  • How to broaden the scope of E-Invoicing
  • Implementing Tax Compliance in a paperless world
  • Compliance and Fraud Prevention within E-Invoicing
  • Driving forward AR/AP and End-to-End Process Automation
  • Dynamic Discounting and Reverse Factoring
  • Global Standardisation and Status of E-Invoicing Interoperability
  • Best Practice in onboarding customers to E-Invoicing
  • Value Added Services to enhance E-Invoicing


The Exchange Summit 2015 will bring together leading decision makers of the global E-Invoicing industry expanding the geographic and substantial scope even more. Participants will be rewarded with an exclusive series of success stories from industries of various countries. Next to decision makers from governmental institutions as well as service and solution providers, the Exchange Summit also welcomes high-level participants, such as CFOs, Heads of A/R and A/P, Supply Chain Management, Invoice Management, and IT, which present companies that are already using E-Invoicing or are planning to start soon

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