Content Strategy & Innovation Summit 2019 - Kongress / Konferenz von Qepler s.r.o.

Building a strong profitable brand: development, engagement, data & VR, storytelling, consumer centricity.



Today companies are concentrating on brand empowerment, employee and customer engagement, human-centered content creation, distribution and experience, implementation, utilization and effective adoption of novel technologies.

The Content Strategy & Innovation Summit 2019 knowledge, tools and best practices sharing, focusing on the creation of a strong, effective and profitable brand, using multichannel programs, insurance of transparency and disclosure, effective storytelling, media publishing, use of cognitive systems to accelerate the brand engagement and other techniques in content marketing field.



Day 1st | Tuesday, 12 March 2019

08:30 - Registration and Welcome Coffee 09:00 - Opening Address from the Chairman


09:10 - Build a comprehensive social care strategy for the brand.

  • Mapping the brand needs as 1st brick
  • Look for a social technology that can build around your business model as 2nd brick
  • Social listening as the 3rd brick
  • Social engagement as the 4th brick
  • In a solid built space, content will be all around the ecosystem as the 5th and final brick

Giovanni Tavani, Director, Global Customer Care and Social Media, Royal Canin, France

09:50 - Speed ​​Networking

10:30 - Editorial communication - how to do it on a daily basis.

The Swedish transport company Scania developed an in-house newsdesk with editors, writers and project leaders in order to transform their corporate communication into a digital age.

Staffan Ekengren, Head of Scania Newsdesk, will describe how the editorial team was built up, how the production and publishing work in the daily flow and how Scania uses the right content to get very close to the audience.

Staffan Ekengren, Head of Scania Newsdesk, Scania Group, Sweden

11:10 - Morning coffee and networking break


11:40 - Digital Content Strategy: Translating Customer Insights into Relevant Content Experiences.

  • From development to execution: actionable insights into content strategy for the web
  • Practical tips: translate customer insights along the entire customer journey into specific, implementable content guidance
  • Best practices: create relevant, simple and delightful digital content experience driving business results

Irina Pashina, Senior Director, Content Strategy & Customer Experience, SAP SE, Germany

12:20 - How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing.

Want to know the secrets to raising brand awareness and driving demand on the world’s largest professional social network?

Linkedin’s head of content and social media breaks down how LinkedIn uses its own platform to market to customers and prospects across the entire funnel.

We’ll show you practical, innovative, and creative ways to increase your reach and engagement with customers and beyond. Using real company page examples you’ll learn tips you can use immediately and avoid mistakes others have learned along the way.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Create the most efficient content to fuel your native advertising efforts on LinkedIn
  • Understand the paid and organic content opportunities available on LinkedIn and map them back to your marketing strategy
  • Incorporate video best practices on LinkedIn
  • Use advertising on LinkedIn as a testing ground for your broader content marketing strategy

Jason Miller, Global Content Marketing Lead, LinkedIn, United Kingdom

13:00 -  Business lunch

14:00 - Wiser with experience, DSM’s online content and social media journey.

  • How we moved from corporate to engaging content
  • How social listening opened our eyes
  • How we join the conversation via targeted social media campaigns
  • How we use the power of peer-to-peer communication to build company trust
  • How we are building our 24/7-always on strategy
  • How this online content and social media multi-channel strategy has boosted our performance

Marianne Vintcent, Global Digital Content Manager, DSM, Netherlands

Guy Rutten, Global Social Media and Digital Communications Manager, DSM, Netherlands

14:40 - Transforming your content operations for omnichannel experience.

  • Building multidisciplinary teams to foster content innovation
  • Identifying skills and roles within your organization
  • Implementing processes and standards for the long run
  • Defining a change roadmap

Marie Girard-Choppinet, Customer Experience Manager, IBM, France

15:20 -  Afternoon coffee and networking break

15:50 - Agile content generation in the digital age.

  • How to change your mind set to go beyond standard content
  • Developing an agile working system that helps your communications team to intensify collaboration and to bring team culture to the next level
  • Connecting your creative approaches to larger business objectives
  • Combining digital with physical to create engaging discussions
  • How to leverage the native functionality of social platforms for breakthrough

Dr. Hartmut Huebner,Head of Communications, Siemens Financial Services GmbH, Germany

16:30 - Studio SAP: Creating Impactful Content at Scale With an Internal Agency.

  • SAP’s in-house agency model: strategy, setup, services
  • Create the right content to meet your audience information needs across the entire buyer’s journey
  • Enable content quality and consistency across the entire content lifecycle, manage content supply chains holistically
  • Identify and reduce content waste
  • Improve content impact and performance

Christoph Zeidler, Head of Strategy, Processes, and Technology, Studio SAP, SAP SE, Germany

17:10 - Panel Discussion

17:40 - Chairman's closing remarks and end of day one 19:00 - Business dinner


Day 2nd | Wednesday, 13 March 2019


08:00 -  Registration and Welcome Coffee 08:40 -  Opening Address from the Chairman


08:50 - The Psychology Behind Content: How to Trigger Your User’s Behaviour.

Content Strategy starts from a deep understanding of your audience.

This session explores how to apply principles of psychology to web content and design and maximise visitors’ attention. Psychology is the study of the mental processes that lead to human behavior. Why do web visitors behave the way they do? What can drive readers’ behavior and facilitate content consumption? And what does it look like to design a content hub without considering users’ psychology?

The session will explore some principles of psychology (Elaboration Likelihood Model, Fogg’s Behavioral Model, Cialdini’s principles of Persuasion) with practical examples and best practices and how to apply them while you design your site, app or content hub.

As a content marketer, you want to understand psychological principles whether you work on an existing site to make it more intuitive or build a digital experience aligned with how users take decisions.

Giuseppe Caltabiano, Head of Content Strategy for EMEA & APAC, Content Marketing Strategy Speaker & Writer, Contently, United Kingdom

09:50 - The Science Behind Story.

Our brain is a brilliant machine, yet until recently all we “knew” about the brain’s functions were speculations based on observable behavior, recorded by psychologists.

Freud, Jung and Skinner have made generations believe that we are in control of our behavior, and much more than that: that we’re in control of our thoughts, our thought processes, and our memories. Recent advancements in Neurobiology are showing a more nuanced picture, which can serve us well as content strategists.

First and foremost, to prove not only how, but even why the brain processes certain things better than others and how we can shape content in a more digestible way. Yes, facts and figures remain important when communicating, however, the way we present them can help tremendously toward understanding and remembering them.

Storytelling has been proven to be the key to memory and understanding because it appeals to a variety of brain regions, which stimulates processing the information on various levels and leads to longer retention. Using storytelling techniques, we can make any content more appealing, more convincing, and more persuasive.

Ineke Vermeulen, Head of Atos Speak Network, Atos, Germany

10:10 -  Morning coffee and networking break


10:40 - Customer Engagement for highly targeted audience segments: How all come together?

Everyone talks about Omni-channel, easy to be said but hard to be achieved.

Lots of variables play into such as messaging, targeting, channels, non-linear buying behaviours, content consumptions models, different stakeholders need, insights, measure, optimize; and the audience is still the same.

Join the session to hear a real-life example on how an effective Omni-channel customer experience come together.

Fabio Ganzaroli, Head of Customer Engagement Service Provider Segment, Cisco Marketing and Communications, Italy

11:20 - Workshop: To Be Announced.

The importance of the growing industries and technologies of EV (electric vehicles) and selfdriving technologies that is emerging in Silicon Valley and how these trends impact the automotive industry globally to adapt to this new social reality and technology Likewise, how that affects the concept of vehicle for the new generations that no longer see the possession and if the comparison as a reality.

Jose Marques, Commercial & Marketing - External Consultant - LATAM - EUR - U.S.A, Tesla, USA

12:20 -  Business lunch

13:20 - Interactive visual content and extended realities. Why you should be creating experiences in XR.

  • Where does the technology stand today?
  • What development can we expect?
  • What does that mean for your content strategy
  • Some successful examples

Arijana Walcott, VP of Consumer Innovation, Swisscom, USA

14:00 - Evolution of AI & Machine Learning in Customer Experience - Beyond Interfaces.

The evolution of Machine learning is directly proportional to the customer believing in the non-existence of a machine in between.

With deep learning and neural network implementation, the traditional ML models are becoming dated. Often when a new technology has its breakthrough; it’s impact is only felt in hindsight. But it’s different with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Let’s talk about how ML powered Chatbots add value to the customer experience. From demand generation to fulfilment, all behind a seamless customer experience.

Adi Chhabra, Senior Product Manager - Artificial Intelligence, Vodafone, United Kingdom

14:40 - Afternoon coffee and networking break

15:10 - Content Marketing in the Cybersecurity area.

Gaetano Mecenero, Chief Marketing Officer, Futurae Technologies AG, Switzerland

15:50 - Connected Content - How the IoT provides new opportunities for content delivery.

  • Intersection between content delivery/consumption and the IoT
  • What is the IoT?
  • How is the IoT enabling content today? Which challenges does the IoT overcome?
  • The importance of networks in powering content delivery with the IoT
  • Future opportunties, building on the early adoption
  • How far are we from a Minority Report world? What are the barriers facing IoT powered content?

Alex Fryer Public Speaker,United Kingdom

16:30 -  Panel Discussion 17:00 -  Chairman's closing remarks and end of summit



  • Measuring the brand's impact on business.
  • Building an ideal strong and engaging customers and employees: creating positive image.
  • Generation Z and digital marketing transformation: change insights.
  • Building impactful multiplatform content programs.
  • Ensuring customer expectations in complete transparency and disclosure. Maintaining trust of your audience.
  • Interactive storytelling and content marketing: focusing on emotion, message, and morale.
  • Data storytelling & journalism: effective strategies to boost content.
  • Changing process of content creation and shifting content roles: focusing on media publishing approach.
  • Content distribution and promotion. New ways of distribution. Boost content engagement.
  • Content marketing integration into marketing mix.
  • Concentrating on lifecycle marketing. Contact strategy that engages the customers through multichannel sources.
  • Integrating education centred content.
  • Empowering video content: producing content with measurable results. The growing importance of videos. Video production and editing.
  • Strategy development, implementation and campaign management.
  • Changing privacy expectations and their impact on content strategy.
  • Content as a fuel for the buyer's journey: correct metrics at every stage. Catching the audience's attention and building the trust with your brand.
  • Boosting engagement and creating social community.
  • Unlocking the science of social engagement: intersection between brand and UX, potential of social media.
  • New social media: mixing SM strategies and choosing the right message for the right platform.
  • Emotion-driven content strategy.
  • Adopting and optimizing existing technologies for your business.
  • Novel content curation technologies.
  • AI implementation in content marketing: impact on customer experience and engagement.
  • Interactive visual content and virtual reality. Creating experience with VR.
  • IoT and content: customer interaction with devices and new technology.
  • New voice-driven technologies in marketing: impact on consumer behavior, business and society.
  • Staying authentic with machine assisted content.



  • Automotive
  • Chemicals & Petrochemicals
  • consumer electronics
  • Consumer Goods
  • Cosmetics
  • Dairy
  • Electrical / Electronic Manufacturing
  • Food & Beverages
  • Food Production
  • Information Technology and Services
  • Luxury Goods
  • Machinery
  • Management Consulting
  • Medical Devices
  • Measuring, Testing & Control
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics & Rubber
  • Semiconductors
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles
  • Tobacco
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Wine and Spirits
  • Utilities


  • Acquisition Operations
  • fire
  • branding
  • Communication
  • Consumer innovation
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative
  • CRM
  • Customer Data Science
  • Customer Relations
  • Customer Strategy
  • Digital & eCommerce
  • Digital Innovation
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • E-marketing
  • Growth
  • innovation
  • marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Marketing Operation
  • Media
  • Multi-Channel
  • Omni-Channel
  • Organization Development
  • Performance Marketing
  • Platform Analytics
  • reputation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • UX design
  • UX service
  • Other

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