Team Development, Team Training, Team Building (2 days) - Inhouse von agilicon e.K.

For better collaboration and performance. English and/or German.


agilicon has specialized in management consultancy, training and coaching as well as agile consulting.

For more than 10 years we are supporting and accompanying management and staff members during change processes and in difficult situations. The focus lies on subjects such as communication, leadership and team development (team training, team building).

We offer our clients different consulting approaches: project-oriented work, process-oriented work or pioneering work by applying classical, agile or systemical tool and mind-sets.


Contents for a 2-day trainings-concept (example):

The following subjects are explanatory and can be adapted or tailored to the respective, requirements of each department or team in direct collaboration with you as a client:

  • Basic principles of team development
  • Selected models from communication psychology and sociology
  • Team-Analysis and insights to the team’s values and norms
  • Clarification of expectations and dissolving resistance
  • Clarification of team requirements towards their leadership and among themselves
  • Discovering motivators and hindrances
  • Joint team work tasks for a better reflection of team dynamics
  • Intensive, guided feedback to enable effective reflection
  • Enabling and preparing the transfer to everyday business


agilicon Trainings are designed and moderated by highly qualified managers (m/f/d) having long-time experience in leadership and business practice as well as advanced training and qualification in the fields of leadership and communication in order to reach an optimized business-orientation and a dedicated provision of know-how for all participants (m/w/d).



agilicon offers Team Development, Team Training or Team Building measures tailored to each client´s specific needs.

No matter where your team is situated within the „team development curve“, we will find an effective lever for successful enhancements.Measures are always designed as a vivid mix between the active transfer of knowledge and dedicated spaces to enable effective reflection and change.

We are always keeping an eye on the balance between the respective needs and requirements of each individual as well as those of the team as a training group in order to enable a vivid exchange among all participants.Trainings hereby can be designed as kick-off meetings, as workshops or in an incentive kind of manner. At the client´s premises or in an external location.


Work ethics and approach:

Each training is the result of an intensive collaboration between agilicon and their customers, analyzing the individual situation, their respective problems or goals, in order to evaluate possible alternatives in the design of the envisaged content, measures and interventions.

For this reason, each individually designed training measure takes at least 4 weeks of preparation time to meet the exact needs.


For further information, please contact:

Fabrice Ruth Dissieux



Our tool-box contains a very diversified mix of suitable methods and tools, which can be combined as needed in each training. We are using techniques and models taken from e.g.:

  • Systemic Consulting of organizations
  • Agile methods
  • Management 3.0 work hacks
  • Communication-psychology, sociology, linguistics, NLP etc.


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This training can be helpful for:

1. Teamleads/Managers (m/w/d) and their teams

2. Teams and departments,...

  • that were recently formed, having to find „their way of collaboration“
  • looking for new impulses for an “enhanced collaboration”
  • going through conflictual phases, seeking „calmer waters”
  • which are going through change processes, seeking “a new basis”
  • looking for a training in German or English (or both)


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